Conversations waiting for the inky blue.

(The poetic voices to conversations is sometimes an interesting place to listen. How often do you hear them?)


Waiting for colours’ sounds to wake here,

for the inky blue to wrap around the shapes of the world outside,

a fresh start to a Tropical Winter’s day.

Where in the week’s past days,

the rain washed the brush strokes from the sky,

soon again to flow with blue.

But for now,

silence fills the early morning air,


just now a locomotive.

The long line,

it’s rolling stock breaks the thin veil of air between river and range,

till passing,

silence again.

Waiting for colours’ sounds…

Waiting for the inky blue.

For not usually awake this early reading,

I got lost in the imagery,

The flow of the lines to a poem

“You, Colors, and Realization”.

Then thought to share,

the words above for the moment here,


captured by the poems title.

There is probably more to write as the moments pass,

til the world here begins to glow,

here in soft winter hues,

those through the cool morning breezes.

But the words,

will have to wait for their lines,

while I sit outside, hot drink in hand…


To the consider,

here another conversation.

The duel in thought…



circling spiral in nature.

The challenges to poetic,

in riving conversation,

interactions within the love,

Visual to nature,

a dance amongst the landscapes changing,

to entice the mind to discover,


The racing tactical steps,

movement between the flux of atmospheres.


absorbing to breathe within the heart.

A constant climb,

between inversions vertical.

Where cruxes beyond the crags,

in the motion to accelerate,

to slow.

Emotive the race,

the challenges traveling,



within love…

Feels so visual in nature,

From you…

“Something Abused Women Never Tell You”

The term duel stands out,

with the description in being twisted.

Scenes running through my thoughts from books,

movies while visulising the nature

a physical confrontation,

collisions within the nature of love,

if that makes sense.

A duel like in a scene,

where two characters face off against one another,

even though,

they have love and respect,

towards one another in their own way…

Does that make sense?

Still I sit outside, hot drink in hand…

Waiting for the inky blue.

8 responses to “Conversations waiting for the inky blue.

  1. you have a enchanting poetry and you are a enchanting Poet. Even when I can not completely understand i listen…..
    I can feel. Something light, subtle, unexpected. Thanks Sean.

    • Sometimes I just like to write in the moment, and then just let it fade through my thoughts till it travels further some place, or just lingers in the moment as I pass through it to another destination. Thanks, Lesley…

      • Sean. Of course I am the same but I can’t help but notice a recurring theme. I do so hope that it is all reconciled. Today I read a line – I will go and retrieve it…and I believe it can go both ways.
        “My ex-girlfriend seemed to love me a lot more than I loved her, so I made the mistake of thinking I didn’t love her.”

      • At the time my writing was coming out of other places, rather than where I am, it is a bit of an external experiment in thought.

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