Bleak days

Waking to the bleak days, autumn, winter,
emerging from the warmth inside.
Outside a world this barren stark life,
chatters cold between the bones.
About a long forgotten cottage,
a shanty shack to here survive.
Splitting posts while digging holes,
no compensation warranted.
In a life where money’s long since,
long since caught another train.
Passing fast by here land dirt poor,
too small the world a whistle stop.
Can share with one wild the nuts,
where the veggies grow untamed.
Nestled between wire tangled fruit,
where dreams hide lost within the cane.
Share together, here now dispossessed,
wild and weathered upon the land.

6 responses to “Bleak days

  1. They say seasons come and go. In between, some days are quite eventful; others bleak with distinct missives in the weather. IMO, I think this poem has sub poems within. Poetic words really flow from your pen, Sean.

    • The main premise is about living in isolation, places where money has little value, a subsistence lifestyle, but one dispossessed by modern societies. Here is possibly where the aspects of sub poems fit within the collective lines to the poem, although the poem could possibly be expanded must further to relate the fuller conversation. Thanks, Uzoma.

  2. Reminds me of a ghost town I saw on the overland rail from Christchurch to Greymouth. A place where only the toughest manage to live and make a go of it…in the midst of mountain and snow.

    • I’ve worked in a few ghost towns, some just barely visible other than old stands of introduced trees. There is a lot of harsh places out there. How do you think you and your other half would fair in such place?

      • Interesting question! It’s something I fantasise about doing (well, in a hot climate, not the snow), but I suspect we’re both too city prone to really cope. Not to mention being a little…wary of the less than accepting human elements we might encounter in such places. Maybe that’s a myth, who knows. I’d like to put it to the test oneday πŸ™‚

      • You’ll probably find you’re both more adaptable than you believe, it just has to be the right location πŸ™‚ and set of circumstances. In general, most people are good people, TV, Film, & News Media often portray the extreme in people, so it only takes a little to colour in a muddy way the perspective people outside of such situations.

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