The poem came to life as a comment on another poem by Brandy Desiree Collins – Stranded on the Shore Enjoy!


the warmth of the earth be thine home.
Where whether parched,
or soaked to the bone.
Your colours continue to leap,
sprout forth from the cracks.
The openings to reach windward towards,
open, cloud dappled light.

grow in your choices,
words, stories, and dreams.
A young bud spring forth overnight,
waiting for that first light.
Blue in its wayfarer’s silk haze,
to slow, pause to open,
fresh to the new day.

Colours radiant, bending in the soft light.
Rising to kiss, the morning sun’s whisper thin wind.
Dew vapours, walking on a breeze’s waking slumber.
Moments, to waiting conversations blend.
No silence, just seasons to sleep a sea.
To wake, to live like.

free as the breeze…

beauty, rich, rare heart with soul…

4 responses to “Wildflower

  1. I believe every soul in each of us somehow longs to be a wildflower. To possess a certain kind of beauty, richness in heart and soul. To become free as the breeze.
    Growing in our choices, words, stories and dreams…
    Apt description for creative, wandering spirits like most of the writers that grace the blogging pond.
    This is wonderful, Sean.

  2. To place the glories of our youth upon the sill of our windows, eyes
    The mantle of our innocence, a past bleeding into present
    To keep the memories burning, alive,
    To find them in the footsteps you take, though grown, though privy, worldly, far from home
    To see the sunlight glare into a secret crevice, a rugged crack, and touch a flower’s face
    These are the sacred truths that guide the answers to our hearts

    • The places youth leads us, where memories skip alive across the light and dark we travel, in the histories we find in adventures from home, above the sunlight in the days velocity to touch dreams rapid slow beyond just being real, Within the sacred for fresh answers wrapped inside of our hearts, slow fast express in voices more than just whispers…

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