Conversations wild

Started out as something to write, to ponder, the first set of lines, and then a duet opportunity came along with A Shade of Pen… Hope you like it!


Conversations wild

(by A Shade of Pen & Sean Bidd)

If you could tell me
something about this place
Maybe I’d stay here
to pass the time awhile
Rather than venture out
beyond the evening sky
So instead lets talk a bit
to listen to the conversations wild…

Sometimes, the place calls out
And fills your heart with bliss
while the sky may look alluring
You would still be at ease
As the morning dew will wake you up
And the crickets at night
Sing a lullaby
That shall force you to smile
Even in your sleep

If you might share fresh
a new day’s travels
A foot to the many miles
the many moments to cover
For my evening sky falls once more
here above the sparse urban glow
Adrift, let’s stroll awhile within words
the places where conversations gather…

Too often I have traveled these roads
I still feel I can hear the beats
Of the grass as I trod upon them
They never complain even when I march
Without greeting them a good morning
So, today I shall introduce you to the land
That I have lived and loved since times
I knew what it felt to be alive
I am a part of this place
And shall forever continue to be

If you can find the time
between the divergent spaces
Where convergent happenings
linger on a pause till bursting
Like opening the door here
to greet the rushing wall of sounds
A wander upon the creak of lines
amongst the conversations roam…

I only smile at the direction
Of your thoughts as they are
In tandem with what I believe
Yes, you are standing exactly at the place
From where we started to take this tour.

Beneath the strobing of a rising and setting sun
Spinning across the winds of your sky
Rising deep within the warmth your earth
A passing moment in conversations wild..

As you gaze at the serene beauty around
I simply stand, stare and smile

The Brook

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