Morning conversations and Well spoken

These two small pieces first lived as just small comments to a couple of post by two incredible writers/artists. To see where they started out, what caused the words to flow, well kind of run in some sort of rhythm after soaking up their posts. Follow the links above each of the titles to the two artists original posts. Sorry for adding this late, was in a bit of a rush this morning.

Two hundred and thirty seven degrees: ‘I promise you this…’ by 360*tree
Morning conversations (by Sean Bidd)

A strange delightful feeling fills the air
Of conversations letters shared
Like some lucid dream some how
A vision so surreal to thought
Emerging from the mist
The sun burnt morning sea
Companions, climbers, travelers of The Tree
One by one as each gathers beneath The Oak
Where the conversations begin to flow
Shared stories of what we know
Waiting for the mist to a slow just fade
As the warm Autumn day enlists till after noon
When where the Overberg winds take hold
To carry more the conversations shared
Across the fringes of its sea
A warm grassed earth…


Keepsake by Meggie Rodgers
Well Spoken (by Sean Bidd)

Warm words of remembrance,
on the cold days standing in the rain.
Moments of tears and laughter,
happiness and mystery play the same.
I so enjoyed hearing your words,
on this cool now autumn day.
So far beneath the Equator,
as I listen to the pocket notes.
Your words and your melodies,
they share their moments across time.
Distance in faraway places,
writing notes that shall never fade.
As the sounds of a music lived,
the way you share your writing up above.
Like songs of remembrance,
in every moment passing by in seasons.
Your words, notes, and songs,
well shared, read, and spoken…

3 responses to “Morning conversations and Well spoken

    • It helps when writers live in such beautiful places, B… The degree is somewhere beyond magic, not sure what to call the place opened in the mind…

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