Autumn dreams (Duet with Latoya)


Thank you, Latoya, for another duet of collaboration and participation, fantastic work!

Another duet by Mentalnotes (Latoya) and SeanBidd

The thunder of a thousand hooves like late Autumn

Rains upon the Serengeti

Where leopards of the storm chase as the fading light dwindles

And we try to rekindle spring which was only a fling


Because we promised never to speak of those thing

That grew puppet strings

Crossways of secrecy mingle with winter

Inviting summer to join in its drunken slumber

That bullied him wrong and turned loves emotion several notches to strong

And still I loved her turbulently




Loving her on purpose

Yet, all I want to hear are the sounds

The songs

But desperation takes too long

In the distant Rift Valley far from here

Between the faults of atmosphere

I peered into echoing goodbyes

And a trillion tears fell from my broken cries

Beneath the changing evening sky, bliss, sublime, nights

Where river veins unravel

To share cherished life

Filled with tales deep and ancient




The sun and moon


We missed it


Far from a dark heart which dances to the shadow

And light of distant times

As I listen to your voice in the lines of words

And I know if she could be anything

She’d be a bird

I hear her thoughts

Thoughts like those of a dreamer

A believer

A chance to redeem her

Of places

Take form above

Forgetting all that time has borrowed from a past

I wake


That sometimes

Even dreams don’t last

The thunder of a thousand hooves like late Autumn

Rains upon the Serengeti

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