Finding Myself (a duet)

A chance happening of a poetry duet, wrapped gently around the first image as seen over on A Shade Of Pen’s post for Finding Myself. Like a cascading waterfall, we threw text in verses, lines, stanzas, back and forth across a live-wire, it felt like it only took a few minutes. Go check her writing out, “A Shade Of Pen


I am lost in this crowd..
I am looking to find myself..
Someday, somewhere I will find the mirror..
That will help me see the someone that is β€œme”..

A reflection in a waterfall, natural, unforced, wild and free..

Street scene

Waiting quietly till sunlight arrives,
Out in the world, or in the city to see,
As waters rush fast from far places to sea,
We might see a rainbow in the flighty..

Mists’ of their gravities..

Mountain view

Lingering thoughts of yesterday..
Mix beautifully to tomorrow..
As a new day breaks..the lazy eyelids sketch the image..
Which teases the stories I have lived..

Here to step outside..

Street crossing

To wake from the dream beneath..
A weathered ladder of trees climbing..
Each taled moment lived not of sleep..
my stories to share, to believe..

Street sunset

As the different scenes blend
The full plot shines and I smile
β€˜coz in between the lessons and reflections
In the ripples of flowing water
I see the depth of your eyes
That is the mirror that bears me

forest water

13 responses to “Finding Myself (a duet)

  1. Wow, just read this, ”As a new day breaks..the lazy eyelids sketch the image..
    Which teases the stories I have lived…” You’re a star Sean, and you keep throwing new poems at us like a magician! Love the pics, they told their own story!! Good job.

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