Two wheels running wild.. and A world of all her colours…

Two wheels, running wild..

She’s running wild, loving life in the pit. She has her own two wheels, and her life is kicking sweet. Loves it in the cold, loves it on the road. Two wheel rider, to the tropics here she goes. Listening to her music, wind all through her har. Saddle bags with scotch and she don’t even care. She’s living life so green as a vegan on the scene. Now pulls on past these six streams, and leans in close and clean . Two wheels what the girl has, and she’s never looking back. As she cruises up the road, and runs on past the loads . Two wheel rider, she finds safe harbour, with a scotch @ the rocks and water. The music’s in the air, and the music’s on the street, listen to some bands as she turns on up the beat. Two wheels, that’s her world…


The Brook


A world of all her colours…

Standing on the corner, I looked across the way, there she was, just drawn a few more lines, now I’m standing at her cross roads, my toes up on her line, she says, you don’t want to cross my lines, because these here are my cross roads, that your checking out the lines, so don’t you cross my cross roads, go back, get back behind, not one of fear or worry, I stepped out off the line, her world it turned to colour, all her the pencil lines still there, with a flourish, and a rush, it ran for miles and far, as she goes, my world has always been these colours, with curves and lines so true, a little dirty here and there, though mostly my work holds true, I looked and thought, and whispered something, there’s no U-turn left, nor U-turn right, just your world, a world of carbon, and bright colours, a world to run and see, so I bid you now hello, and fair journey, for I’m off to sail your colours, and off to run your roads, off to find what fields you hide, while finding all the blues, the greens, the reds, and earthy colours too, for which way first now might I go, first left, then right, or maybe straight ahead, shall I find the edges first, then weave deep through mind, or does this world you love, bear no thought to limits, perhaps I should just wander, to breathe each colour in, oh, to drift amongst your curves, the lines both thick and thin, each of open space and networks, each with their own fresh rises, and dark hollows here and there, tis best to appreciate your world here barefoot, to feel the tacit tones, then brush against each fair soft hue, like soft warm dust, all caught upon a breeze, a world of all your colours, a world of all your dreams…..


A couple of old writes I found drifting about as notes from a few years back, so punctuation and grammar are light on as these are copies of the original first drafts. The first is about a cousin, the second about an artist friend. The image is from work today, have not been to the place in a year and a half, still love this view of the river…

12 responses to “Two wheels running wild.. and A world of all her colours…

  1. I’m glad you shared these couple of old writes which have been a delight to read. She’s running wild on her two wheels and she’s not looking back. Running on the road to the fields and worlds of dreams and bright colors. How I wish to do just that.

    Most of the images you use such as the one above are breathtaking. Were you the one who took photos of these wonderful sights?

    • Thanks, Marj… Sometimes you just have to get out and do it.

      The photos in most posts are mine, except those in most cases found in the “Free Write Friday” posts that were the prompts from Kellie Elmore for the writing (sometimes I may of used one of my own in these too).

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