Between night’s dusk at sunrise

The first verse was not working, and was a little harsh, it kind of set the wrong tone for the whole piece. So here’s a revised version, re-blogged without the hard edge at the start, hope it reads better now. Thanks, and leave a comment if you like…

The poem below came out of two dreams, some may say maybe nightmares (with all the conflict) from a long time ago. JK is a real person, the poem is built on the dreams, which manifested themselves in bringing to life the aspirations as to the direction/s her head and heart were making for at the time.

Let me know how the shades of light and dark go after you finish reading, enjoy (I hope).

Between dusk and night at sunrise

Between night’s dusk at sunrise

Her active days, they rush on by flying so fast beneath the harvest sky,
Far out beyond the nightmares, keeping company by the estuarines,
Where the snakes, the vipers sweat each for their long days away,
Passing through every deep dark hole between from east and west.

“Girl born with a wild heart,
Came the daughter of the untamed lands,
Grant freedom to the brave whom help,
With love in…

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