Rivers’ companions and Dancing in the flames

The two small poems below came from reading two different styles of artistry, the first of words, a poetry duet by Hasty Words, and A Shade of Pen titled Naturally Soulful.



The second is written from reading the visual artistry of Erica Kanters titled In Flames.

Also can be found here on Erica’s Blog


The weekend has been good here just above Capricorn, hope every ones has been the best it can be… Enjoy the shorts.


Rivers’ companions

River of water, river of stars,

each knows their way, to wrap peace still in the night.

Meandering their paths, like words spilling through time,

lucid they flow, with saliva and tongue.

As the warmth we exhale, free to chill upon air,

always awake, though never asleep.

Just lost in the haze, for the sun so to speak,

where again the night falls for, river of water, river of stars.

Here again rest awake, in the chill of the night,

the chill night warmth in the hours…


Dancing in the flames

Such a beautiful woman, dancing in the flames,

her eastern desires, their trance like states,

deep within the earthen cave, she dances in the flames,

untouched, unharmed,

she whispers her name, to the rhythm in her music,

while dancing in the flames, her beauty, her desire,

to dance long into the night,

all caught within the conversations,

between the tongues, the evenings flames,

do you see her eastern beauty dancing her desires,

her pulsing heart, deep within the flames?

24 responses to “Rivers’ companions and Dancing in the flames

  1. Lovely poems. The second has this special feel it brings to my mind about dancing in the night. It also reminds me of Nickelback’s song Dance the Night Away.

    • Thanks, Uzoma.. Yes, dancing in the shadows of night, have not done that in a while. I’ve never really got into Nickleback, only one or two songs, but I’ll go check out the one you mention.

    • Cheers, John… Wasn’t sure if I was going to post them here as they started out as comments on other writers and artists blogs. Good to hear they can stand well here too.

  2. You are so one meticulous poet. And sometimes, as full of stories, I lose myself in the middle but find myself on the end. I think that’s important. Lose yourself in a poem!!!!

  3. I absolutely love this post! It adds so much more dimension to your words to show where your inspiration came from. And I love that Shruti and I were an inspiration. Beautiful beautiful words and flow.

    • There are a lot of spacious places in here to visit from time to time, many a good encounter to find different things waking inside of thoughts and writing, while reading the skilled artistry of fellow writers, poets, and artists. Thanks, Hasty, Shruti, and you write well together. I had been looking for something not to heavy to read at the time, and just found the right poem to fall, and escape into at the time. Thanks again…

    • Hey, Meggie… Thanks, I actually had not notice till you made mention, they were written in two completely different modes of thought (moods) at different times. But my head is probably always somewhere in the elemental, just love how they can change states, and their shapes.

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