They came (FWF)


Here is another write for Kellie Elmore’s Free Write Friday, today’s piece is a pondering internal monologue to try fathom a mystery of which few people know little about. To read what fellow writers have written, or to check out Kellie’s site, click on the image or Kellie’s name above. Hope you like the monologue, enjoy..


They came!

There it was, it came from no place. Well no place in particular. Like fiction riding a metal leaf from the towers high above. Where it started out, no one knows. At first one might of thought it were a silk butterfly, but an unhinged torn dragonfly may of been a more potential answer. Though no one knew for sure, not at first anyway. All they could remember is, it danced in the mid-day sun, they truly could not tell what it was, even might be. All guesses, every witness had a different story, and yet they were all gazing up at the same thing. The possibility of everyone being on drugs, or drunk was slim, but they all came back positive for an unknown chemical. It is almost as if something rained down on them before they saw what they saw, but what did they see. All they can remember is the sky grew dark with fluttering shadows, but that they all collapsed on to the ground. When they arose, the entire seventy story building was gone. How can a building with such stature be taken in such a way. In past forty-eight hours twenty buildings of various shapes and sizes have, have just vanished from around the globe. Something similar happened a hundred and fifty years ago, back then a few witnesses spoke of a bird-man dressed in black after some rain in which they saw those around them collapse to the ground. He came with a cage which contained a black bird, with thousands of other birds tethered by ropes. The cage grew to an enormous size to contain the building, so did the black bird. The witnesses simply said, they picked the building up in the enormous cage, to but fly away with it. How is it possible, a bird man dressed in black, to flyaway with an entire building?

14 responses to “They came (FWF)

  1. There are no concrete answers here. I see it as attacks on humanity – supposing that world events have infiltrated my senses to a strong degree! Very interesting perspective. I enjoyed the reading.

    Sean – on another note. I just noticed I was not following your blog anymore. NOt sure what is up with my settings as all those I follow(ed) were defaulted to reader only. Now I am thinking a few have been dropped as well… what a mess.

    • Thanks, Lesley… I’m not sure if it’s attacks, or if he just likes buildings, or maybe there’s a city in the sky somewhere, and they’re short on resources. So many directions for the story to unfold.

      No ideas here on the follow problem you’ve been having, sounds unusual. Hope you’re able to sort through it all.,

  2. Sean, your pen is magical. Even in the abstract of your clever imagery, I feel the realism as though a world just beyond my view.

    Also, I enjoy works that make me think. Poignant write! Thank you!

    • Thanks, Kellie…! Just kept thinking confusion, take a guess, go back in history. A world cast in a shadow flowed as an initial thought, I think.

      Sometimes I don’t think I get there enough, writing pieces that make one think… Thanks,again, Kellie!

  3. So mythical… I do love the idea of a bird man coming to take buildings away… maybe replacing them with trees, wouldn’t that be a turn about! Intriguing write, loved it!

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