Crashing down

Head out for miles, all of which they never lasted long. It came like a cold shrill night. There they came, silent into the grave hole we dug. For us, somewhere between moon and parched earth, we dwell in no safe harbour. For they call you, the one whom finds us without shelter, naked to the elements. Terror of shadows, born of day. Living earth of revenge. Bellows of the waking darkness. Suffocating atmosphere, be your infection of colours, coating it to bury it deep in the new sea you create. To blast all, streaming in waves, grinding to absolute, to just add. Add water, the vagabond of earth, the thief of all light of day, existence. In now a long forgotten sun, how can love know life, within, beneath the darkness, constant of you. Do tell, or just choke the little which is left, left in what we have not packed. Rain us in the fine power, in the unusual love you show, though we beg you, tear at our existence, but do not rip from us all which we breathe. Though before you do, just share with us a little of the stolen light of day, our young sun. For soon, soon we did not feel the sun on our faces. What came, it brought the wave crashing down, for the dust, and sand. Failed to stand high in the sky. Against the torrent of delightful rain…


12 responses to “Crashing down

  1. You are strong Poet, you have so many places for travel. I just few places, but so
    repeatedly and so sick. Not the paths I chose . At the end of it all I think I got through it all. The sails filled, the bad weather. bad love, all is past. I dont know poet, why i talk about that with you. But thanks.

    • Good to hear you’ve made it out the other side, Mirna. The good certainly travels better than the bad, like a cool south-east. Thanks again…

  2. I love the way you said – ‘the lines sort out their own destination’ in one of your comments here…made me think and so true as you write them and then they are on their own and have their own life and different people who read them have their own perspective and impressions šŸ™‚ You are digging out so much more from reader’s heart by your poetry ….enjoy reading

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