The way’s wake of stars

A print hanging on my wall, by Dallas Simpson.

A print hanging on my wall, by Dallas Simpson.

The way’s wake of stars

It’s been a long day travelling to ends far,
Walking beneath a molasses wandering sky,
Kicking up the dust, these lonely road scars,
From the tumbles and falls, where stories fly.

The stories fly, they fly above it all,
The stories fly, vertical without a doubt,
Oh can you tell me, what it’s like to fall,
Oh can I hear the sounds, of setting out.

Walking just that bit further than the eye can see,
Positive to meet someone along, or another way,
In the timeless where the wind it screams, places free,
Do you have a moment, to rest awake, to stay.

The stories walk, they waltz above it all,
The stories walk, along the longitudes,
Oh can you whisper me, what it’s like to run,
Oh can I listen in music, fall beneath a setting sun.

Take me to see the places, both fine and wild,
Stumbling beneath a blue sky, or a thunder storm,
In the cold, or in the heat, any kind of weather smile,
Just to hear our feet upon the land, an old land born.

The stories climb, they climb aloft and deep,
The stories climb, the spinning latitudes,
Oh can you wander with me, let’s trek far,
Oh can I feel the noise, in the way’s wake of stars.

Can we hear the world, can we hear the verse,
Or is it just another day beneath the way’s wake of stars.

15 responses to “The way’s wake of stars

    • Cheers, Sky.. I’d started this earlier in the week, with just one verse and chorus, and then rewrote the whole thing again this morning as just an exploration of the wake (sounds) of what some refer to as The Milkyway, and more.

    • I needed to add a little physical colour to the words, and it rest on the wall here in front of me. As to what’s more beautiful, I’d hope there relationship as equal companions and lovers to their existence, where they might share in the beauty… Cheers, and thanks, Mirna!!

    • Not the intention, but in what way?
      The intention within, is for it to have an ancient feel, or rhythm to the natural world. Though some of the language derives from modern terms.

      • I guess, like you’ve just described, there is something ancient about it.. and the way you talk about nature and stories. It makes it easy to imagine how dreamtime stories came about…

      • Thanks, Alarna…All peoples’ have their ways of connecting with their origins, and that of their surrounds . What are your ways, if you were to write how you connect with places, pasts, and origins? How would you write what it is inside of and about you?

      • Good question, Sean. I think I have a few lengthy stories in me about that… Sometimes I’m a little frustrated with blogging because it doesn’t give me enough scope. Poetry is a good way, too, though… I may tackle some Australian nature inspired poetry oneday. We’ll see 🙂

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