To depart with strangers

An attempt to start writing something with intrigue, twists, and turns.

To depart with strangers

As the taxi pulled alongside the kerb at one of the entrances to the international airport, I found myself struggling to give the cabby the right change. But eventually, it was all there, paid in full as I stepped out with no luggage, and no thoughts of an intended destination. Just a passport and plastic to access the accounts of the life I’ve just sold off in the last two weeks. Yes, off to become a nomad, a vagabond on a wayfarer’s wind, am I brave, do I even know what I’m doing. Not even going to ask the questions of myself, as I walk, and step through the terminal’s doors, to look around at the vast space, with all it’s people filling different spaces and cavities. I’ve never set foot in an international airport before, never set foot out of the country. Now, just how dull does that sound? The big country I’m leaving, yes, leaving on a jet plane. I’ve been around it, over it, and through out the vast land, work was even like living the life of a nomad sometimes. Just a swag, and the food one could carry, for months on end in remote places, sometimes having to forage for wild foods. The work itself dealt with land tenure boundaries, borders of a kind to define ownership of land, confined spaces of a kind that the wild and natural world saw no purpose in their existence. Though the last four years I spent studying a double degree in paramedics and nursing, but it was 8 weeks ago, the person closest to me departed suddenly. The message took four days to reach me up in the cape, I didn’t know what to do, we had planned out the next two months together, including graduating from the two degrees, and going on our first international holiday for both of us. So here I am, I sold, one might say gave away the previous two tickets for a hundred dollars to a couple of old friends. They should be having fun in the snow now, and then the sun in another week’s time. What to do now, standing just ten metres inside the doors, I must look like a right ass. I think I’m waiting for a hint of some kind, as to where a new nomad’s heart might find his feet moving in a direction … Suddenly grabbed by both arms, two figures, one either side, their voices in sync, “We’re with you, right, no time to explain, let’s go.” Who was I to argue….

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