The pm seems so far away

It was like one or two in the morning,
When we set on out for the south,
Here on the Gold Coast, just an hour out,
We swung on by a mates place to pick him up,

As we made our way on through the strip,
Lit up night life, it was getting on it’s hours,
Then before too long we made the Tweed,
Now the boarder it’s behind us for awhile,

We breezed past Byron Bay in silence of the drive,
But back then we didn’t how popular it would get,
In another hour or two we made old Grafton town,
We didn’t see the jacarandas in the dark of night,

But we did recall that old Flame Trees melody,
Even if in just the briefness moment of the passing drive,
For we’re in no rush, as we need to meet a friend,
Not in Sydney town till after three, the pm seems so far away….

Something still being worked on, as this is only half way to our destination, three mates, a V8, and the many miles to to the New South Wales south coast.

Write away...

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