Ocean conversations

Ocean conversations

In a place, where night becomes a fresh day of change,
As the darkness fades to new bright shadows,
A spinning earth takes them in her flying travels,
The millions of miles, hurtling through the dust filled emptiness,

So light on our feet, as we weather worlds of our hearts,
Leaves days for trees of the vast open oceans,
Where the rain falls so warm, incandescent jewels,
Through your dark hair’s rushing in the tempest winds,

The rising storm takes the light, just a little out of reach,
Soon the windswept mist, it collects light upon the air,
Spreading like a gold dust, softly blown upon island skin,
Where a world wakes to a different kind of walking life,

In the conversations of a wayfinder’s dreams,
navigating life, the currents, beneath the stars,
Through love, a saltwater people on an island tide,
Passing between short tropical nights, alive in colour..

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