Dancing in the creek

free write friday kellie elmoreIt has been a few weeks since I’ve visited, Kellie’s Free Write Friday, for two of them I had not been well. Here is Kellie’s prompt for this week: FWF Free Write Friday: Word Play Foreplay,  Make the ordinary…sexy. Just follow the link or click on the image to go see what other writer are writing.

Kellie also had the launch of her new book of poetry “Jagged Little Pieces” the other week, go check it out!

Dancing in the creek

There you stand before the sunrises, clothed in the gold and silver like the wattles, before the old tin shack here in the grove. We walk, slow, shoulder to shoulder, the short distance to the ancient creek bed. Where we dance hip to hip, our feet through the cold water’s gentle flow. Till we stand face to face surrounded by the music of the wilds to living, the sun’s glint upon your face, such a tender smile. Gazing into each other’s eyes, we embrace, to touch, caress, your curves like no other, as the morning light warms its life upon our souls. Our sweeping movements, a delight beneath the trees of old, as our bodies clash in the passion to what we love in one another. Till we stumble once more, to dance upon the waters once again, taking our wanting for one another, up above the cascading flows. To where the mountain grasses, make our bed. As we rest within the moments where we have met, our feet a tangled chaos, our eyes last gaze until tomorrow, where in a new day, a new place we might meet.

For anyone wondering what the above might be, “Dancing in the creek” is about doing a creek traverse survey with a theodolite on a tripod, which is the survey work I was doing last Thursday and Friday (where onsite there was also an old tin shack and a grove of trees), up the middle of a creek towards a mountain.

Creek traverse

14 responses to “Dancing in the creek

  1. A poetic way to end this prompt. I love this: our feet a tangled chaos, our eyes last gaze until tomorrow. This is quite a sensual encounter.

    • It gets a little like that when dancing around a tripod in a stoney creek, though the reality of the encounter is more the opposite to sensual when doing the survey. It gets tough going with the thick scrub sometimes on the banks either side… Thanks, Uzoma!

  2. First…WELCOME BACK!!!!! 🙂

    Next, GREAT JOB!

    I was taken with your words so much. Had I not known you were playing my ‘game’, I would have thought you were speaking of a person they way you described it. Then, for the life of me, I could not guess what it actually was. And, when I saw the note at the end, the reveal…well, I would have been guessing a very long time. WONDERFULLY done! Thank you!

    Don’t be such a stranger!

    • Thanks, Kellie! Feels good to be back… 🙂

      The prompt fitted in well with the survey work we were doing last week, and again today. Added some images from today’s work to the post for the reveal. Thank you for taking the time to read, and comment, fantastic!

      I’ll be around…

    • I had no idea what to write for the prompt, but that week offered up some beautiful country, and the task at hand, just seemed like a dance.

  3. I thought you were writing about a person too but then got confused when I realised it was in response to Kellie’s prompt. A theodolite never crossed my mind. Well done.

    • Thanks, Suzanne. It’s like everyday ordinary for me, but for most people, it’s a bit outside the realm of everyday encounters. Thank you…

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