Some say, a symphony of colour.

Bearded Dragon, autumn leaves

Some say, a symphony of colour

Like an army of amber browns, coppers, and golds,
Autumn’s leaves gather together, far and wide, from all around,
Rising to the challenges of seasons past, and seasons to come,
As a new born whirlwind cuts a drunken sway, the fresh path,
A trailing flight of crackling colour, fills the air,  sounds all around,
High above the trees, where tender gentle, in a last grasp departure,
Twisting thermal currents part ways, sublime happiness of a time aloft,
To float upon the cushion of atmosphere, defying gravity in the moment,
More colour than snow, quieter than rain, drifting down from on high,
Beauty in each trees’ call to winter’s approach, from the east of the horizon,
Painting a year in a moment, to each their time past with the seasons,
Just to rest here upon the ground, beneath the symphony of delight,
Looking up into a few moments of time like no other,
Some say, a symphony of colour.

16 responses to “Some say, a symphony of colour.

    • Sometimes, I have a tendency to rest on the ground, and just look up. There is a kaleidoscope worlds to see when closest to the ground, almost everything is up (or sideways, never looking down) from ones perspective. The beauty of it all..

      • You are lucky to have such a world to delve in. Most of us have long forgotten to be inspired by the beauty of the sky, of looking up. We have been in the habit of looking down for so long that it is a novelty that you have so beautifully described.
        Regards 🙂

      • It’s like the sensations of living, and breathing in where we are, looking down, beauty is sometimes hidden in the smallest of places, those which we rush past in our daily lives 🙂

  1. I agree with Sky. Symphony of colour” is novel and masterful. I take this to be a keen longing and appreciation of what’s present.

    • I was just trying to paint Autumn/Fall, as it is the time of year here, but some how I must of caught the whole year, thanks, Toya…

    • Love nature, and the natural worlds it surrounds us with, though I did not have the exact image my head was seeing at the time, the image above is something I get to see anytime with just a 200m walk to the local botanical gardens. Thanks, Alarna…

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