In a world with one atmosphere…


In a world with one atmosphere…

The words they run like water,
As fast to the sea they flow,
For the rain in the autumn,
Does not have a touch on snow,
While crazy heady days of seafaring,

Where left behind all stormed in the tropics, here

We talked about his life in the mountains,
While I shared of the many days spent at sea,
The stories of what strangers can be

Can I be of any assistance,
Can I be of any help to you,

It’s been a long day now the weather’s changed,
Here to be traveling in a faraway land,
On a mud covered mountain road,
Where the tall trees they wait, they stand,
Here to come across a man and his family,
His cart, with a dislodged worn wheel,
I offer shelter and a free ride in his direction,
For then he gestured to his donkeys, but what for they,
Drenched and sapped from the rain,

So here I gave shelter, to his family out from the rain,
The noise a little loud on the tin top,
But what the truck offered, it was dry,
As we got down to prising the cart’s wheel back on, once again,
We must’ve been struggling for more than an hour,
Soaked through heavy, our shirts where gone,
For soon then with a nudge, the wheel, it slipped back into place,
Covered in mud, we laughed a short while, as we then grasped for the dropped wheel pin,
Though soon we found it again, now the wheel secure once more,

To that I then gifted some canvas, to rig a cover to the weather of sorts,
I asked if I might help his family to their destination,
The man he replied, if I could follow the way,
As he lead the journey on to his home,
It’s here we broke bread, to all share,
In a meal as companions of travel,
Of both near and faraway places,
In a world with one atmosphere…

10 responses to “In a world with one atmosphere…

  1. So much kindness and hospitality–a lesson worth taking. The ending “in a world with one atmosphere” is a call to share as well.

  2. I love your rhythms and images. Do feel compelled to point out a bit of grammar “Must of been” something we always say, but more exact is “Must have been” – does not take away from the poem if you see it as been said by someone.

  3. Beautifully written, the thing with your poems is they translate me from wherever I am into the picture you have expertly woven! Thank you and I mean it!

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