Moving in the way

Glenroy8 RS

Moving in the way

I’m not here anymore,
But ask away if you want,
What’s left behind may respond,
But there’s no guarantee of that,

This space has been vacated,
The storms they left, nothing but a shell,
An evaporated inside world,
Free to take anywhere, no shelter,

Beyond man-made vertical, these horizontal squares,
Leaking life in the atmosphere’s sparse existence,
The dream, nightmare, passing by like flying dust,
Torn upon a jet-stream, clothes all shredded, frayed to threads,

One day again, maybe the moon will rise,
Above the lost forests’ earth, something to think about, I guess,
While the seeds of thought, that survived the empty shell,
They escaped to be on the breeze, beneath the jet stream,

Traveling far, as time sticks to its moments,
Till when they land, to find barren rock,
Soon though, the winds that carry,
Ancient dust do follow, escapes the currents course,

To find the seeds on barren rock,
To offer hope, they’re not forgotten, covered,
Dormant, soon rains they follow, to explore once lost life,
What left an empty shell, now grows strong, in an old place,

Crazy how the world spins,
The moon it rises once again,
Between the valleys and the mountains,
Moving in the way, how life begins….

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