Of the Highlands, in the torrent and the sand

Been busy writing about some of the fantastic, creative, artistic, visual, rhythm, and yarns of many a type like blog out there. But here is intermission for me, hope it’s okay.

High above a river basin

Of the Highlands, in the torrent and the sand

Her world is like a rebel inside,
Standing, running, forced into another fight,
A storm. Making for the places she knows are on the farside
For her life as a rebel, overtakes the rushing waters,
Waters of The Sound’s tide,
Faster than the time, her first thought, She’s alive,
Climbing from the torrent, the waters of the sea,
Wilder than the pudding, just before the lights went out,
It comes, a flying thought, of how the pages they’re meant to turn,
Each leaf, thin veils of glass, bound up in a book,
Turning many times, beneath the inland desert sands,
In the time before the monsoon’s, full and blood red moon,
Let her escape become a new moon’s night,
Lost, lost, lost in a stone oven fire, with glasses of red wine,
The company of strangers, more friends than the known,
Can a world of words be real, even under the presure,
To be that rebel, the one to walk where her heart needs to roll upon high seas,
Above the rampant thunder of traffic, beyond her feet upon the grass,
As she leans across the kindle furnice, its forge lacking bellows, once stolen,
Between weeping mountain rivers, lost in frozen wastlands, if not for rescue,
Life’s clouds in a cup of tea, a damper of the rosewood highlands,
Writing tales from yarns far sort, with her hand upon the air,
Resting only, when her ancient thirst’s been met,
Do tell me if you know of this rebel, for her own story’s spread wide and far,
A lady of the highlands, a rebel voice at heart,
Some say they still hear her whispers, even though she’s left the land,
Gone to faraway places, beyond her one last sighting, in the torrent and the sand.

6 responses to “Of the Highlands, in the torrent and the sand

    • A friend I’ve known for around ten years now is the basis for the female character, strong willed, and capable of doing more than they think sometimes. Thanks, Sandra!

    • Cheers, Sky… I think I hang around a lot of friends/women, whom were called tomboys while growing up, they tend to standout in different spaces.

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