Malin to Skye

Rock face

Malin to Skye
Long be the time, where a voyage came to be, to navigate from Malin to Skye, young was his blood, the sea was his life, while the stars were his friends through the night, For he heard the old songs, of her long black auburn hair, he set out to find her, out across the waves, coming face to face, a night’s history, the dark skies, where the old tempest whipped up a mighty fray, for in the churning darkness, he’d lost his way, till in an early morning, first light, he heard her voice, a song to the whales of the sea, a song to farewell the breaking storm, where her beauty welcomed, he, now a broken wretch on the incoming tide, where he asked of her legend, to which her reply, for that be my mother, I am the daughter you see, for long have the days been, since her life left by sea, so please won’t you join me, come stand up, for long have I waited, here in my home of Skye, so don’t disappoint, come sing, let’s dance, for you have survived, to live life’s second chance, walk with me… Oh son of Malin, to Skye.

9 responses to “Malin to Skye

  1. He hear her voice… A farewell to the breaking storm…
    Entrancing, like a legend listened to deep in the aboriginal heart, middle of the lonely night made full with light from love.
    There’s a yearning here, spilling forth from the child-soul your body carries, old in wisdom but young in place, keep marching towards the truth that seems to guide your hungry eyes my friend. I’d pack a knapsack and join you if life allowed. What treasuring dreams rise to the front of my mind’s horizon with that notion. A yes of becoming.

    • At the time I was listening to The Corries – The Skye boat song (I know a few people, whom want visit or live on the isle), and Paul McCartney & WINGS – Mull Of Kintyre (this is a song I can remember from around hearing age 7 for the first time), Also a few Irish tunes too.

      A legend of mind, while lost in music, and song, with the settings three. Between Malin Head (northern most part of), County of Donegal, Ireland, the Isle of Skye, of the Inner Hebrides, Scotland, and the sea between them.

      It’s the wayfarers’ way, rambling towards what is out there, between the stories and legends of people and places. So much to see… Thank you, Brandy Desiree…

  2. Son of malin, skye, the villagers of (don’t know what to write) you always manage to exceed your previous standard. You always take me to an enchanted land, where I lose every sense of reality.I simply love your prose, thanks for sharing and that picture is cool!!
    🙂 🙂

    • Maybe it’s a little like falling lost in the flowing of words, and their moments shared. You do know, you are not far from these places, of Malin Head, and the Isle of Skye. Well you are a lot closer than I. I’d have to cross oceans, seas, and lands, to find their beauty, and stories that they tell to passing wayfarers.. The photo is of a collapsed sea cave in an old volcano, beneath Double Head on the Capricorn Coast here.

      Thanks for reading, and leaving a few words to soak up in the moment 🙂 !!

  3. I always read loud everything you write. Its just t magnificent in delivery and exciting in stature. This for me, holds yearning and a long journey to the path of the beloved. Amazing world you create.

    • I do too, it always sounds better. Journeys, wayfaring, travels, have been a bit of a theme the last couple of months, along with other key words the infiltrate my writing at the moment. Today it is rebel, torrent as words of choice.

      Worlds are easy to get lost in, well sometimes… Cheers!

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