Fade we into the night

Between tropical storms here at the moment, sometimes it feels like fading into the night, but the Sun still rises on the other side… Enjoy..

Fade we into the night

As I stand here looking out to sea,
You came here crossing oceans far,
Like an ancient, travelling on pacific sails,
A lone voyager, you navigate, you never fail,

On the trees of your homeland, they carry you,
The many miles, where your heart seeks truth,
On a nautical adventure, where the seas they carry few,
Listening to your heart, your feet they stand,

Far out on the prow, seeking land between the blues,
The map in your head, as the currents they carry long,
To where the forest meets the coastline, in a southern wind,
Where the whales and dolphins, guide you through the shallows,

As the channels of the reefs, open up to lagoon’s,
Here to land, a beach, upon white coral sands,
Greeting as the day now fades,
Beneath the deep blue of a navigator’s way,

We both look out, far past the rolling waves,
Waiting for the tide, as the currents change,
Our stories intertwined, whispered upon the oceans’ way,
Where a new night’s stars, they guide us far from land,

Hand in hand, out at the edge of sands,
Our time it pauses, for us, we distant voyagers,
As we share out tales of each far crossing,
Now here beneath the stars, of our ancients watching,

Fade we into the night, each way awakening at sunrise….

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