A walk in life’s mist

A Kellie Elmore prompted “Free Write Friday”

Time & Place:
You find yourself in an elevator. The door closes and you see only five buttons. A sign hangs above them that reads: “Find Happiness.” Each button is a different color. Red, blue, green, orange and yellow. There are no other instructions and you must push one to get the elevator to move. Which color do you choose and why? Where does it take you?

The below flowed out of the above prompt to find happiness, in that sometimes in the saddest moments, happiness can be found in saying goodbye.

A walk in life’s mist.

What is it about elevators? We pass through their open doors, they eventually close behind us, we select a floor/level, and push a button. Like how hard can it be? I’d just had an argument with an old friend, she is a keeper of stories for her people, but all I could think about, was the phone call two hours ago, telling me of the loss of my fiancée in a plan crash over the Andes. The south pacific is suppose to be a happy place to be, even though it is work related business, but my heart and mind are not in this right now, So my friend wore all my frustration and grief of being here and helpless to resolve the wreck my soul now feels.

Back to the elevator, I walk in and just want to get up to my room, pack, and leave. So the doors close, but there are no floor numbers, just coloured buttons, not anything else, not even an open doors or emergency stop buttons. Just red, blue, green, orange and yellow, buttons! Well I’m already stopped, and I really want to go and get out of here. Not sure if you’ve noticed though, but with the frustration here, the blues are, so strating to kick in, that I can’t even think good english. Yellow, well, that reminds me of the sun and where I am, I should be happy today, but I’m not. Orange, amber, that reminds me of the argument I just had with my friend, her only concern was for me, and the state I find myself in now. Her suggestion was that I wait awhile, collect my thoughts, breathe, and allow myself to grieve, but here in my mind I’m caught between storms’ pasts, and tempests’ futures.

My heart has been ripped right out, to that I feel like a walking corpse. I decide to take the choice of my friend’s words, here I push the amber button. The elevator shakes a little, and the rocks, I fall sideways, suddenly finding myself thrown violently to the floor which is now the side, as the elevator rockets in some direction. I am freaking and can barely move due to the forces. And just as sudden as what had happened, it grinds to a halt at an obscure angle, as I hear multiple loud thuds on the roof of the elevator. The bell dings and the doors open.

I’m not sure what to think now, all I can see out side is a mist, I get up and try to walk out in a some what dazed state, to see what has happened, but walk into hard rocky earth, not realising the elevator is half buried. Climbing up over it, I stagger into the mist and darkness, while hearing a voice calling softly for help. As I get close to the voice, the voice, it’s Julie, rushing faster I see the wreck of a small plane, my fiancée is the only one still alive. But her body is trapped, impaled on length of metal, I fight to strat to try and free her, but Julie says stop, just sit with me. I stop, sitting down next to her, we put our arms around one another, we kiss.
Julie whispers, “I’ll see you after it’s time.” Her body falls limp, I start to sob as tears flow at that moment, a few minutes pass. My friend appears from the mist, “We have to go now.” A bid one final goodbye to Julie, a last kiss on her lips, for in the sadness of farewell, happiness exists in having been able to say goodbye, arm in arm, lips to lips.
My friend takes me by the hand as we disappear back into the mist, as I turn for a brief moment, all fade behind us.

11 responses to “A walk in life’s mist

    • The secret, is start in the middle of something, and make for the first climatic point that comes to mind, and then fade. There is no real beginning or end, just the moments’ progression wave. Thank you, Sky…

  1. Wow… I’m wiping away tears. To be able to say goodbye to those that have been ripped away from us is something I think we all wish for. Beautiful.

    • After I wrote this one, I did not go back and read it, and still have not. So I am not sure how the emotional content, and setting factors carried themselves. Thank you, Heidi…

  2. Well thank you very much for making me cry! Dammit! lol! I am always amazed at how much you can bring from my prompts. And then I wonder why on earth you are not writing books. So many of you guys who write for FWF are so talented and I find myself wanting more of the story. Thank you for writing for me. Great read as always!

    • I wasn’t sure where it was going, but it got away to its first point of thought. Thanks, Kellie… Currently lying around, there is about 25 000 words of 20 short stories, and short story briefs.

      It’s the moving from the talent stage to mastering the various aspects involved in writing books that takes the time, but things are working their way around here. Start small, but keep thinking big.
      Thanks again for dropping a prompt each week for a Friday.

    • There are still a lot of worlds out there to find, and drift through, from time to time… Thank you, Marion, sharing in the story, and taking time to walk with it’s moments.

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