The winding road to “Wait Awhile” (continued)

Here is where the story started out “The winding road to “Wait Awhile”, below is the brief direction of travel at the moment. Happy travels, I mean reading…

Old house, dirt road

The winding road to “Wait Awhile” (continued: The dark birds)

More and more dark birds began to gather, gradually picking speed as they circled faster and faster. A small dark hole began to form in the blue of the sky, not sure if this is just as simple as the dense mass of the birds, or something else? The weather began to change, several lighting bolts struck the ground in front of us, while a funnel took shape, as the dark birds now must of numbered in their millions. What’s happening? If we were to run, where would we go, how far might we get with the state, Em is in at the moment? This old house is still our only protection, I think.

“I think we need to get inside, and find the strongest room in the house, and wait out whatever is happening.”

“Sounds a good idea, I’ve never been struck by lightning, and I don’t want to find out what it’s like either,” Matt responds, as the old building begins to shake from air rushing past into the ever growing vortex of dark birds above.

“I don’t think that is going to make any difference, Clint, and Matt, Charlotte, and I, have been watching the birds, and the hole in the sky is getting bigger. What’s happening, well, it’s not natural.”

Objects of varying sizes, including sheets of tin from the roof begin rocketing past, up into the widening vortex, as the house begins to rock back and forth on its stump foundations. It’s now too late to run, there is no cellar to the place, and the house is beginning to tear at the seams.

“Do you feel that? Every hair on my body feels like it is beginning to stand straight up.”

“Em, it is, look at Charlotte’s,” laughing.

“You can talk, Clint, take a look at Matt’s and your own,” reels off, Charlotte.

Even though caught in the darkness of what is happening around us, we all begin to laugh, but the moment of escape is short lived, as the vortex’s rate of rotation finds another gear, and all the birds become one thick dark tar textured blur. We begin feeling ourselves being dragged from the porch; we struggle to keep hold and hold of one another.

“Em, grab my hand. Matt, you got Charlotte?”

Yelling now, as the roar of the vortex is almost deafening, “Matt, we need to get back inside, behind a wall, and out of this!”

No sooner had the shout of the words passed my lips, when then in an instant, the hole in the sky dilated rapidly and then slammed closed. Something strange filled the air. The dark birds vapourised, with a massive shock-wave hitting us, and the old house, sending all our bodies tumbling through the doorway, as it ripped from its stumps. Tumbling inside the house, for what seemed along time, but perhaps only a few moments.

“Hey, do you all feel that? The house is still flying, no, it feels closer to floating, but still in a direction.”

Charlotte looks at Matt, both feeling a little confused, while Em, completely forgetting about her injuries, stands up as if surfing a wave, and says, “This is cool!” before stumbling and landing awkward on the floor, laughing.

Some how the house, and us, now caught atop a high velocity stream of air caused by whatever the hole in the sky, and the vortex of dark birds have done. The only way to describe the sensation, it’s like ridding a wave, or atop the leading face of a wall of water, like a river in a flash flood. Every scenario of what next, is running through our heads, as we all watch through the door, at our car tumbling end over end, upon being hit by the tsunami wave of air….

Previously-a beginning: The rolling hills

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  1. Awesome, Scar*let! Thank you so much for the SHINE ON award… I’ve been avoiding awards, I have two other awards/nominations to respond to, three means I need to get cracking with some responses. They may be a little unorthodox… Lots of love from the roads that wind the long way around the highlands of Australia, Sean

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