Free untethered earth and sea

The small poetry like prose below, developed from a conversation about slack-lining, highwire, and tightrope walking over on 360Tree. The title is a metaphor for a free humanity, the poem is about the gaps we cross in life, and other aspects. Or maybe it’s just another high-wire story, readers choice. Feel free to share your thoughts below. Cheers.

Blue hour

Free untethered earth and sea

Backwards as day begins to sleep. Where night hears the call to wake, Fine woven threads of copper, silver, gold. Takes tension from a beacon house, it bears far a reaching light, To a living home amongst a forest’s canopy. There she stands, bathed in the blue light of eve. Bare feet, to the tort wire’s lip, Of colours, gowned in diaphanous white silk. Sail ribbon sleeves, unfurling upon the evening breeze. Catching, refracting. Harvest moon’s, golden beams, in soft rainbow hues, Light unto, a dwindling day. Ease, slow, one bare foot before another, like a goddess of la Nuit, seeking out la Mer of freedom. Where while the forest trees, they wait to breathe. As her essence, soul divine, journeys soft with tender heart. Across hue lit threads of life. As the beacon waits, light reaching out, to caress her ribbon sails, aloft, about. Till once her final rush, bare feet, white silk, across a threaded threshhold. To embrace, a far reaching light. As her long hair flames against, the ink blue sky, the ocean. A legend, of free untethered earth and sea…

6 responses to “Free untethered earth and sea

  1. Very poetic words, Sean. I have great love for the way this piece began…the use of sleep for the day and wake for the night was quite clever! And there is an ethereal feel to this legend…

    • Not able to be chasing the sun all the time, Uzoma, often happy when it rests for the night, so it comes easy to be poetic about such a time. Thanks, Uzoma… I seem to be throwing the word legend in a little of late, not sure why, but maybe it’s as the feeling of something that is not everyday life.

  2. Wow. Your words are resonant of a poet who is worthy to sit in an emperor’s throne. These just seem to me as they are calling to me from a distance !
    Amazing 🙂

    • Thanks lots, Maryam! Not sure about a throne, but I need to organise a better chair for myself,

      Lighthouses, and forests beneath a night sky seem to do that, while we are all brave to walk life in our own way.

      Thanks again, 🙂

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