An unfinished story (shared)

I was up at 3am this morning, and felt like starting something, but I did not want to finish it. Feel free to add to the story if you like via the comments, invent the characters, play with the narrative, where ever it takes you. For this one is just for the open, and free to travel it’s own course, where ever that might be. I’m just going to go listen to the rain by the sea now, cheers…



An unfinished story (shared)

Here, dwelling in the land of the Autumn-Spring, a 3am call rattles at the Equator’s fringe. Searching, fumbling in the dark, the bamboo floor beneath my feet, it creaks and groans, as if supporting a bear on its way across treetops. Here the doors have locks, for they barely have even a door, except for a shroud before an opening. For now, first light is sometime off, here at zero latitude, but still the caller waits. Together we set out towards the east, fleeing a setting moon upon the forest tops, as the storm ahead, approaches. Not a storm of weather and fierce winds, but a storm of hearts, caught in a clash of wits and intrigue. As the gates to the puzzle, the final maze, a labyrinth to living discord and emptiness, or the alternative, freedoms, harmony and love on the other side. Five of us, with each a companion, now pause in a static moment, as we all seek the same, of that which can write upon out hearts and minds, the legends of past ages, and lives lived. And what! What is out there, beyond our small world now set to zero, of how we might fly beyond.

6 responses to “An unfinished story (shared)

  1. Gently she squeezes my hand as we gaze out upon the vast emptiness. The warmth of her hand flows straight to my heart. I gently squeeze her hand and without word we rise and walk back to our room.

    • I think I’ve missed a few of yours too 🙂 Thanks.. Sometimes I’ll be caught somewhere between writing, and reading, but not sure which I feel like at the time, so the moment just then drifts.

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