To each their gift

Some times we read, hear, listen, see, taste, touch, and speak, we do these all our lives, but we also share gifts, and hard labours to challenges… For the most part!

Pale headed Rosellas

In each

Paint your path upon,
A turning world, not sad,
Even as your metal fatigues,
A warrior to the last,
Word for word,
Thought for thought,
Sharing by the challenge,
Meet hand to hand, no grasp,
For the storytellers, of
The peacemakers’ heart,
Lives in all its complexity, for
Each transient voyagers’ home,
Crafted not in four walls,
Lift up above fears entanglements,
Spoken of in tales, the legends living
Up above the plateau’s secrets,
Knock, not, knot, touch, the living tree,
Rhythms in the listing tongue, hear
Tough the stance to walk away,
For balance between earth and air,
Falls in tears, each raindrop,
A written voice, a gift
To share, to trust…

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