Racing circles & Sharing times, no destination

Two poems today, the first is about a local cup on wheels I meant to attend last night, but over slept the afternoon. The second about a fellow blogger (and their photography) whom lives the lifestyle of a wayfarer… Enjoy the reads, cheers…

Racing circles

The sun falling through the sky,
A short long walk, across a river,
Shallow rocks passing beneath,
Making it through the streets, long straight,
Destination known, people to meet,
Arrival, narrow black rubber, slicks,
Just beyond the short green grass,
Concrete oval, cambers steep,
Racing lines marked many feet below,
Scents of challenges, scents of champions,
As night falls, time passes, a handicap takes shape,
The horn sounds, as wheels set a light,
Back markers scramble, front markers set to flight,
Spinning faster to accelerate, velocity to make,
Terminal as soon to escape, passing, standing still,
Now back markers fly, while leaders give it all they’ve got,
Racing at a white-line fever sweat, pitch it through the final bend,
Dipping deep far at the winning post, pressure subsides in an instant…


Sharing times, no destination

Travel lost, no destination,
Wake in places, all called home,
In each time, a meal to share,
To all greet, each called family,
From moments lost in laughter,
Where each, a caught embrace,
After past release,
Wayfarer to the present,
As children smile upon the world,
Open thoughts, the moments’ imagery,
Conversations’’ colours, listen,
Out there beneath the sky,
The sky of night and day,
Dancing to the rhythms of the wild flowers,
Where on the unchained road, that be,
A place, a traveller’s choosing,
A freedom navigator beneath the stars,
Telling stories and living tales,
Sharing drinks like long time friends,
Until the whispers of the morning,
To setout then again,
Travel lost, no destination,
Beyond the vistas up ahead…

7 responses to “Racing circles & Sharing times, no destination

  1. Great poems. The second reminds of a saying: you can find a home anywhere if you choose to. You give so much life to your writings, Sean.

    • Thanks, Sandra! Laughing a little, I don’t know if it is possible to conquer all, but is a lot of fun writing and thinking of different ways to direct colours and light, shades, tones and tints at a thought, something that has happened/happening, a story, a place, something, someone, they are all interesting to meet. 🙂

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