All up on the way

Looking to head out to an old place high above where home once was sometime this month, and just drift into the night sky for a few hours. Dream, watch, and make stories up, between the spaces of the way. I’ve used this photo in a post before, but this is where I’m planning to go for a few hours one night. The day the photo was taken was a few day after a huge dust storm that rolled across the east coast of Australia, a few years back now. So with a bit of luck, the night sky will be clear this time.

Mountain view

All up on the way

Hit the slow down, found a drifting vacant night,
Work it’s gone, it’s washed away, a world’s set for dark,
There’s no street lights, cause I’m far from those place now,
A winding road before me, finds a wide basin still before rising mountainsides,
The weather’s clear, do you think you’ll come and join me,
Heading high up above, the stretched out basin’s floor,
To a place once so long ago, not too far from home,
Where the sandstone cliffs, they rise to just fall away almost endless,
Waiting up here as the blues, they fade to an unempty black,
Once lost stars, they begin to light a way across a night sky,
While distant small lights below, try to save a fading world,
Though here, far up in the dark there’s little difference in such,
Lying with our feet out off the ledge, as we look up into dark spaces,
Sharing tales of faraway places, written in our heads, our thoughts,
As we threaded hearts add, bring life to each character created, spoken,
In mystery wayfarers, as they travel on their ways between distant worlds,
We still lie here with our legs stretched out between lone dark spaces,
Talking of dreams, an old universe and her many distant lost stories,
For we know our stories, rest deep here with in us right now,
Beneath the way and night sky, to share them when we awake from night,
As we journey on back, in the company of a rising Sun…

7 responses to “All up on the way

  1. Leave us breathless, why don’t you. And pull it off with such an effortless feel; this, with momentum our dreams become real. This space in this time in this soulful sublime. Corner of the universe; yours, and now mine. Can I dwell for a bit? In brilliance and light, the majesty seat for all likening minds. Oh great mystery, singing its song like a beatnik stone. Roll your truth over me. Swimming out into your infinite view.

    I like the way your words fall. Freely and wild and pure.

    • Thanks, Brandy… Living the experiences, the way the world above breathes within the words, some how makes it easier to travel upon a textual way. In directions with less weight than paper, caught in an uplifting thermal from the surface we walk, the small moments which escape.

      Feel free to share or pause awhile, in any or all worlds and moments you may find within and about these parts, both dreams, thoughts or spoken words. Their nomadic ways all move in different directions, like the leaves enticed by the love of the four winds songs, and of gravity’s perception upon delightful rain.

      Often the words will just come in a rush (a little fast and rough), but I’m okay with how that works.

      • Walking in the wooded wild
        Forest for the trees
        Alone well-suited
        In wanderlust

        Yes, this also works.
        At least for me,
        Though my thoughts are alpha in nature

        But a pleasant surprising perspective
        In you
        Wisdom of the wayward sojourning personal truth
        Unkempt by societal norms

        Dig it.

        As for the invitation to pause and reflect,
        I love this.
        Likewise, drop by
        On this flip side
        Of earth
        I will welcome
        The light of your piercing perceptions

        …They illuminate the most unexpected observations along the path. It’s a unique talent you have, blessing us in the hearing and seeing.

        Without rhyme or reason, your soul has its own unreplicable poetry

      • Nature and the natural worlds, I’ve seen and passed through much over the years. Rain forests, Wooded wilds, open forest, and vast savannahs (a day job that has its freedoms).

        Also have lived a top a mountain beside it’s river, where the water runs fast and turns torrent on a whim, a little different to living below in the valleys and plains.

        Thanks, I will drop by, and thank you for your exploration of words and thoughts above.

  2. One of my favourite memories is sleeping under the stars on a school trip somewhere on the way to Carnarvon Gorge. I’ll never forget staring at the stars, and waking to the sun.

    This looks like a great place to escape to, as you do…

    • I always remember the night sky being darker, and what’s up there being so much more than living beneath city lights. Blackdown is part of some of the same sandstone ranges of the highlands that Carnarvon Gorge rests in too, only further north.

      An escape with vertical escarpments, waterfalls, and all.

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