The sharing of a tale (continues)

Mmm, to continue a story from a Free Write Friday

Well today I’ve been working in the wild lands of a place known as Gladstone, an area known as Glen Eden, which means I’m a little tired tonight. Will be back there tomorrow too, will even get to see the sea, well from a distance. Below is a super rough draft, with limited punctuation, mainly dealing with direct speech, hope no one minds, and this is just a pause, maybe. The photo is from a different job location, Edenbrook.


The sharing of a tale… continues

The bellows pause, as two gold crescent moons sway in the dapple light of the wood approaching, Bachue as she sits quiet in front of the rock the Forester be hidden behind, as if wanting for something to happen. The two crescent moons, shrouded in blackness, so near, one speaks with a voice of great strength, is that you Bachue? As Bachue stands answering yes, the other much smaller gold moon , bounds from the shadows of the wood, laughing with a child’s voice as they knock, Bachue off her. Rolling on the ground, both in sync saying, how are you? The much older voice steps from the shadows of the wood, laughing loudly, and saying..

It is good we have found you, we waited at The Springs the Walking Water, but when you did not arrive, Bulan suggested we seek you out at the tree. Once again the tree has grown another quarter turn in the last two years, this not good, a bad omen, something is waiting to reveal itself.

Good to see you too, Pencari, shouts the response, as Bachue leaps to her feet greeting the owner of the deep voice with a hug as strong as a bear. The Forester is trying hard to listen in (as we all know, he is deep in some fog visually at the moment, and well his hearing is not much better either), peering over the rock.

Launching from the ground without a sound, Bulan asserts his presence atop the rock, staring straight into the Forester’s eyes, both their warm breaths mingle in the air between them.

Is that you, lady of forest song? Bulan realising the man before him is blind, backs away with out a sound, as Pencari and Bachue approach. Pleading, He’s a forester of these parts, old friend, and he has only recently acquired his blindness, right this moment before your arrival. Muttering in the direction of the forester, I told you to stay out of sight.
Well, maybe we can do something about this, his new found blindness, come out from behind the rock, Forester of these parts? We will not hurt you, maybe, if you’re brave enough to come into the light from your cave. Pencari, please? You best come out now, Forester, Bulan and Pencari are good people, friends, well kind of people.

The Forester stands up, feeling his way around the large rock in front of the slight cavern, he is now face to face with, Pencari. Well now, hello, I’m Pencari and next to me is my son, Bulan, and well you’ve met Bachue. It is good to see you are braver than most, but maybe that has something to do with your blindness, maybe I can help.

Pencari raises a giant, black shadow cast limb and places it upon the Forester’s chest, the gold crescent moon glows silver for but a short while, as blurred vision slowly subsides for the Forester. So, am I all you expected me to be? No, with a voice like yours, some how I expected you to be smaller stature, what a surprise.

The Forester stands before Pencari, a black bear, with the gold crescent moon of his ancestors, broad across his chest. Pencari and Bulan, are the last of their tribe in this part of our world, Forester. Their ancestors came long ago from the regions of The Great Bear in our night sky.

The Forester turns to the direction of the voice of Bachue, and sees……



5 responses to “The sharing of a tale (continues)

    • Thanks, Meggie, I hope it’s not too flowery… It’s a great way to start initial aspects of a story, and then expand upon it to find the conversations and the narrative when developed further.

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