Lost in forest jewels

Something for a Thursday morning, as the Sun drifts rise out from the tree tops.


Lost in forest jewels

Waltzing up through the forest trees,
Amongst the lichen between old ferns,
Where the tree ferns reach high above,
A world moist, full in not forgotten love.

As the slumbering light of day wakes
To trickle the leafy dream in a micro world,
Dances the dew of nights failing fall,
From atop the highest places, they touch the sky.

To travel, meandering every twisting branch,
Journeying along the living domains of gnarled trunks,
To leap in flight from leaf to stem, of millions at a moment,
Can you hear the forest water fall, a wayfarer of the morning delight.

Oh can you feel the liquids jewels upon your skin,
Searching for the forest floor beneath your bare feet,
Seeking out the love of old and ancient Earth’s tender warmth,
To join the million other jewels before them, to sleep.

Amongst the stories of the fern and lichen,
Looking up to greet those whom next to follow,
As lost days and nights transit through their pasts,
With the slow slip tales of water gems..

4 responses to “Lost in forest jewels

    • Thank you, John… Surveying finds me working in a lot of different place, only thing is I do not always have a camera. But this one is a view from my home.

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