Set sail for the stars

Been feeling a bit flat the last couple of weeks, so I decided to have a little fun. Set sail for the stars has been written to an upbeat rhythm, and a little bit of nonsense thrown in for good measure. It’s a little bit like being fireworks and having fun, but in a much less expensive way. Is there anymore I can say…No… well I hope it entertains, even if just a little.

Night sky with a bridge across a river under lights

Set sail for the stars

Lost in the world today,
Just drifting in the aether,
Going supanova,
Heading deep into space,… Yeah, heading deep into space,

Caught upon the webs of life,
Travelling ever faster,
Know we got it covered,
Shifting past the speed of light,… Yeah, shifting past the speed of light,

Heading for the lost stars,
Flying across the night sky,
Catch up with our friends today,
Bring a picnic lunch, and play,… Yeah, bring a picnic lunch, and play,

For this story’s been a fun one,
Rocking with worlds,
Laughing all along the way
Loving life’s music everyday… Yeah, loving life’s music everyday…

12 responses to “Set sail for the stars

  1. Did you take this photo, Sean? It’s very beautiful as is your poem. You’ve presented your readers with a novel concept that relates to travelling. I enjoyed it.

    • Uzoma, at the moment the photo is pretty much what I see standing at my front door. I took the photo Friday evening, but from above a local park down the road with a more open view of the river’s flood plain. The words came from what would it be like to walk through the flood waters, to the mountains that I know out the other side a ways off.

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