Seven doors be thine sea cave.

Here is a delayed writing for Kellie Elmore’s, Free Write Friday.  But I found myself not being able to write myself in to another authors tale/world, in particular, those authors far better than I. So me effort is that of procrastination, and to leave it as a mystery as to what author’s world I have entered. Perhaps one of you reading the below, might be able to tell me where I am, for my eyes are still wound tightly shut.

Seven doors be thine sea cave.

The past few days have been like drowning, the humidity so thick one can barely walk, the western flood plain, a wild and torrid swamp. The only escape I heard, be The Sea of the East, a lonely far distant place. A place where water and air refresh the senses, so here I be, having set out on the trek, I have arrived. The sea is like no other, with water fresh and sweet to taste, though now I stand facing a peculiar cave. I has no cave opening like I’d ever seen before, seven doors. Surely I must be drunk, this sea’s sweet water has sent me loco. I partial collapse to my knees for a moment, through my hands through my hair, what if I try to open one? No bad idea, they all look the same, there must be some kind of magic behind this, but which door will speak the truth, or do they all lie here before me.

I wish I could make up my mind, the odds, one in seven. How about touch, their scent, all the same, what about… can I hear anything, not a single solitary sound. This is perplexing, so unsure, and yet I feel I must… at least try one. I know, I’ll choose the sixth, I’ll close my eyes, open the door, and walk through. I just hope I don’t walk face first into a wall of rock. That would be funny, almost as funny as falling down a well, for which purpose it lacks any water, just as I am now thinking these doors all lack an entrance. But if one must do something today, the sixth door would make a fine choice, so here I go… Closing my eyes, I open then step through the door. Like a pinball, I find myself bouncing from one hard, but flexible surface to the next. Oh where might I be… was that a leaf. Still bouncing, not game to open my eyes, not game at all…

4 responses to “Seven doors be thine sea cave.

    • Thanks, Kellie… Lord of the Rings was the sixth title in the prompt, but I was unsure how I wanted to handle it on the fly, so left in hanging in a vertical freefall. An interesting read, thank you.

    • Cheers, here where I live, we have real sets of caves too… But creative caves of the mind sound even better, anything can be/happen there in the dark, until a little light is added.

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