All the muses and their stories

In the short time that I have been writing (some what amateur in style), I’ve met a number of people/friends on line and around the place, and the globe. That have been the basis of characters, plots, narratives, traits, even the way they make use of language, emotions, etc, to the way the carry themselves in a conversation. Below is a bit of a tribute and a thank you for being the people you are, muses, friends, mates…

All the muses and their stories

I’m thinking of giving the writing away,
People can have it for free,
I don’t really know what I dream any more,
The world’s such a crazy place to be,

A writer they find there’s so many muses,
They run from my head to the sea,
People with character ‘n their various traits,
They open the stories and poems that you read,

Sometimes it’s just a word that they say,
Or it might be the wild places they’ve been,
For each muse that I here get to meet,
Their incredible lives they open me,

In stories of ordinary moments,
Of the lives these brave people do keep,
To them stepping out from behind their fears,
Where they face life’s challenges in the hours,

What other company could I keep,
When these people, my friends they are so true,
They hold all my stories in their bones,
As they live and breathe upon their roads’…

2 responses to “All the muses and their stories

  1. I was just thinking something like this myself….how there is so much talent and wisdom that people are sharing here and everywhere around the world. People who are enjoying my stories and seeing the truth that they contain. It’s wonderful place when we all can share our voices!

    • It’s good to be able to sit and listen to the colours, and catch the words on the breeze.

      Talent is an interesting place to start, but it takes a lot to move forward developing and fine tuning ones craft of shaping and carving words beyond a simple mould of writing ideas, whether good or bad.

      Sharing, something always worth the time to participate. Meggie, all the best with crafting your skills with words further as you travel the different directions stories take us..

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