Resting tales upon a leaf in the breeze (A Sunday afternoon.)

A late Sunday afternoon brought to you from watching leaves all caught up in the wind…

Resting tales upon a leaf in the breeze

Like a leaf, tumbling caught on the night air,
to bounce from place to place without despair.
Sharing stories before departure and a lark,
there’s no time left, now press on, run the dark.

Before sun up, the world stretches out, it’s so cold,
as to listen for the birds that bring a smile so bold.
Talking in their songs of night tales wide and far,
of the wee folk and their forest travels through the alder.

Travelling in tales of their dance and song,
the faeries of ancient times, righting wrongs.
Where the waters run fresh through the green isle,
making for the release of the sea across the twisting miles.

Down from the mountains through the hills and dales,
like silver ribbons across green cloth and gold trails.
Grasses of old before the salt air cries of the sea,
To carry ones heart far back home, to be free.

Where to sit upon her rocky coast far west,
on a summer solstice waiting for sunset.
To whisper a tale into the arriving wind,
of tomorrow’s thoughts for its future to begin.

Tomorrow’s not Monday, right?

6 responses to “Resting tales upon a leaf in the breeze (A Sunday afternoon.)

    • Thank you, Christy… Love the wind, we cannot actually see it but for its interactions, but to feel and sense it, is just dreamy some days… Will do, on the writing, cheers.

  1. You have a magical way with words Sean! Happy to have crossed paths with you in the ether and I look forward to reading more of your work. VERY excited to see what you create in your mixed/multi media… Lots of love from the sunny South African countryside, Bx

    • Thank you, Bx…! Still thinking about what to do for the mixed/multimedia. It is a delight to of caught you writings, I will have to check out some more of the degrees. Much love from a damp tropical night in Australia, but it’s been a dry Summer here in the East, Sean

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