And in that moment, I swear we were infinite! (FWF Free Write Friday)

The above has been written for Kellie Elmore’s ‘Free Write Friday’ prompt phrase of  And in that moment, I swear we were infinite”.

So feel free to follow the link and check out what fellow writers’ are posting. Thank you, Kellie.

And in that moment, I swear we were infinite! Like no other time, the wind was howling through the Belah and Sheoak, the sky, it cracked wide open as gale force winds tore at our bodies. We made quickly for make shift shelter in the sea of dunes a mile from the sea, the lightning cracked at our heels. Can we make it, the storms winds have wiped  the sands into a fury, we can hardly see two feet in front of ourselves, we are lost and still running. Holding hands we trip, we seem to be tumbling for almost ever, our limbs flailing as if they were windmill blades cast from the heights, bouncing, burying, churning and catapulting sand from the dune high into the storm’s tempest winds. I did not think we were ever going to stop, and then, we found an abrupt halt, stuck fast in the fine sands at the bottom of the coastal dune. We struggled to set ourselves free, as the storm’s sand blinded out eyes and cut at every part of our bodies. Our clothes partial shredded, with patches of sand blasted skin exposing torn and fatigued muscles to the elements, the typhoon then let loose with almost horizontal stinging rain. We rubbed our eyes between the mix of rain and sand, and freed ourselves to stand upon the sand. Looking up, we could make out the sound of a shallow but building roar in front of us as the lightning struck all around, their intense busts of bolts and chains, as if the sky were conducting warfare against the earth. Soon, between the driving sands and rain, thick spear like shafts of crystallized silica, shards of sand glass pierced, and slammed into our now battered bodies with ferocity. We were on our knees bleeding, trying to shelter our selves with our arms, now distorted in appearance dripping red with protruding shards of sand glass. The deafening roar was upon us, peering up through our battered arms, a 300 foot wall of water picked us up, and cast us far inland beyond the sea of dunes… And in that moment, hand in hand together, I swear we were infinite! Like no other time in our lives, together for eternity…

Windmill sunset

The above is brief, as I didn’t think I was going to write something this week, due Friday being a hectic day on the side of a mountain. So I went for something that dealt with the harshness of nature and how we can become lost in it, hope you enjoyed the read. If you can, please leave a comment below, and let me know what you thought.

8 responses to “And in that moment, I swear we were infinite! (FWF Free Write Friday)

  1. You deserve great applause for this one. In fact, I’m clapping now and smiling too. From that one-line prompt, you created what I should say is a perfect continuation– a love theme. Though the end loomed for these unknown characters, they still believed they’d be together again for eternity. I could feel that universal emotion (true love) between them. Here is a stunner:
    “We were on our knees
    bleeding, trying to shelter our
    selves with our arms,now
    distorted in appearance dripping
    red with protruding shards of
    sand glass.”

    • Cheers, Uzoma! I left the characters as a blank canvas, and let the events voice their relationships to their situation and themselves. I am never sure what true love is exactly, unconditional, and other forms such as family, friendship, lover, etc, but never sure about true. Possibly different for each person.

  2. WOW! That was exciting! Awesome read!!! I love how you put me there, feeling the wind and rain pelt my body and I could almost feel my heart race! That is profound! You never disappoint me. Thank you!!!

    • Thanks, Kellie! This one came out of a tired mind, I was hungry, home alone, did not feel like eating, so wrote instead, but after the above I had a late supper. For this one I tapped into different physical experiences and took them to the extreme. Thanks for the prompt…

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