An open world of without sound (100 poems)

A head full of dreams,
Do you hear them,
For what’s it like to listen, but not hear,
The world seems a little different a sphere,
Colours without sounds do not dwell in fear,
Are the brightest to hear, deep and beyond,
With which to feel the sounds of a breeze,
Can you float upon the lonely wind,
Oh those sounds of the scents, of
A million flowers, trees, and plants,

Can you hear their taste, an adventure quick, of
Their thick honey upon the feisty air,
Caught within the touch of fresh rain upon the face,
First to free the blur in a wayfarer’s moment,
The sight of colours running fast while deaf,
To be brave on a long fast flowing of rivers’ deep,
In the touch of the water’s resolve to carry fast or slow,
Unique the sensations of freedom to listen in every space,
In the embrace of the storms’ squall to release,
Through each open worlds’ space to sounds in the senses…

3 responses to “An open world of without sound (100 poems)

    • Cheers, Sandra.. Interesting you chose spin, spun… Here is a couple of lines I added to a collective poem a few hours back…

      In a glass spun wayfarer’s world of desire to travel free in the mind of ones heart to feet directions,
      Where desire to find each their own unique embrace to listen in the breeze’s whispers across open ends to life’s dreaming sands,

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