What’s it like to lose freedom (Free Write Friday)

This week Kellie Elmore’s, ‘Free Write Friday’ prompt comes from, Jessica Kristie

What Does Freedom mean to you?
“My movements, destination, thoughts and choices are all my own. I am not caged or left voiceless… that is my freedom.” – Jessica Kristie
Discuss: What is your freedom and how can you help give it back to those that it has been stolen from?

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Thank you Kellie and Jessica.


Vanishing freedom in an empty carpark

What’s it like to lose freedom
I don’t know if I ever understood the real concept of freedom until 2004, going through life insulated in a isolated land, though experiences change perspective. One hears from various media outlets about human trafficking, of today’s slave trade, and its networks beneath the surface, as well as in plain view of society. But how to fathom this loss of freedom to those sold into slavery and servitude.

Freedom is like walking through the tall grasses of a field, feeling their seed heads brush against your cheeks, though this world, the places each one of us dwells in physically and in our minds, are fickle in nature, and can change fast. Freedom can be there, then gone in an instance, and swallow you deep into the darkness beneath the earth. It is difficult to notice when someone loses their freedom, blinded by the many trees, along with all of the noise from the traffic that is the commotion of life and society.

What of the person, the human being that has lost their freedom, had their choices taken from them, and cast into the plunging turmoil, and darkness? Their world just keeps getting deeper and deeper, like a well far into the ground, until all light and hope seem to vanish, but what waits at the bottom, at the end of the unnoticed fall from freedoms sight, is there still light up there, do they still have a voice.

The smooth sides of such a world lost from freedom are near impossible to escape from in a pitch black world with no outside communication, you feel lost. You can only hear snippets of sounds, while still falling, till you hit what you think is the bottom, the end of your life. Narrowly missing elements that might of ended living much sooner, there comes some times a chance, the opportunity to cry out for help from in the darkness of a siloed world, but not everyone finds someone listening. Someone there to see through the trees, and hear over the noise of the traffic in this busy world and awkwardness of self personal interest.

When someone does hear, and brings help to lift you out of the dark depths that took your freedom, from the darkness, a world that takes so many lives, it feels good to be able to embrace good people and freedom again.

Freedom to me, is being able to offer others, people, fellow human beings, a helping hand from what ever world has stolen their freedom, how ever that might be possible.

The above thoughts take their form from when while working on my job I lost my own freedom in fraction of a moment down 25 ft well in tall grass on the side of a busy highway hidden by trees. Then in the happiness of when my voice was heard, to then have someone get help to come and lift me back to freedom on the surface.

12 responses to “What’s it like to lose freedom (Free Write Friday)

    • Thanks, Sandra… I was trying to relate to the loss of freedom, in order to feel what freedom can be possible, and this is the closest I could come with out speculating what someone might go through.

  1. First… this: “Freedom is like walking through the tall grasses of a field, feeling their seed heads brush against your cheeks, though this world, the places each one of us dwells in physically and in our minds”
    …is exactly how I imagine the feel of freedom. Beautifully written.

    And wow on the end…falling in that hole! That must have been horrific! You should write that story…so I can read it! 🙂

    Thanks for joining us again! xox

    • Thank you, Kellie… Freedom comes with so many sensations, that some times we over think what it entails, the above came from a simple thought of what would it be like to walk through and with freedom and what I experienced.

      The fall, I probably will write it some day. It was one of those, there’s absolutely nothing one can do moments… other than fall, and wait till…


  2. This was beautiful. Sometimes, in order to truly appreciate freedom, we have to experience what it is like to lose it… Or else for those who have never experienced freedom, they have to taste it to fully appreciate all that it offers.

    Thank you for sharing your beautiful thoughts on freedom. 🙂

    Many blessings,

    • Thanks the feedback, Christy… I’m a bit behind this week, I have a bunch of blogs to catch up on with some reading and comments. Hope to see you at another FWF soon, cheers!

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