Without words for loss (100 poems)

Burnt stumps

Without words for loss

Nothing left on my mind tonight,
As I raise my head just a few inches,
To the near left of a once bright light,
The torrent of dreams dwell in torment.

My eyes like slits of darkness awake,
On land all broken with burnt charcoal,
Where once buildings stood so strong,
Just blackened stumps of lifelessness remain.

We few brave hearts fought a valiant fight,
But water alone was never going to be enough,
As the wild fire storm it broke our sparse lines,
It took the lives of here our long time friends.

We were worn right down to the bone,
So tired, too sleepy, our eyes faded for a time,
Here we remember those whom have fallen,
Picking up the pieces of our lives as families.

Where ever you are, may the morning break,
Between the soft sunlight and the cooling shade,
As we share your stories, stories of brave people,
Regardless of last circumstances, you’re remembered…


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