Before life in the blue (100 poems)

Tonight, for a few last short moments, the world outside dwelt in blue hues, and thoughts of silent morning breezes filled my head.

Before life in the blue

In the hour before the blue,
You rest so softly in my arms,
To be taken in this waking dream,
Just for two long quiet hours.

As our darkness hunts gentle the hues,
Our wafting world of blues across waters,
Still in the slow deep, wade our hearts,
Upon each our stories, pasts told easy.

Where the shadow blues live short lives,
Once in their time, these moments hold close,
While they fleet between night and our sun,
The cool and warmest minutes bathed in fresh life.

Places to share silent stories in stillness,
Where close the transient miss collide,
In the fade of the earth’s silence on a breeze,
Gently flows, tender pauses, the love in the blue..

Write away...

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