Breaking departure on a west coast (100 poems)

Some times I ponder, when watching the sun in the morning kiss the sea/ocean farewell as it rises in the east with when those of us that see the sun kiss the sea/ocean goodnight in the west, what sort of effects/affect does it have on out minds, hearts, and attitudes towards life? If it does at all?

Costal landscape

Breaking departure  on a west coast

I’ve been waiting caught in time,
Waiting for the sun to find the sea here in the west,
As her name, it passed soft across my lips,
Out here along this lost remote torn coastline.

Where now the feisty mountain sun rises.
The rays quick to wake ones short slumber,
From the good times of the night before,
A long beach walk from point to headland.

Beneath a moon lit star field sky,
Our feet upon ancient rock and sand,
Telling one another stories in the wind,
As the hours drift till dawn’s new cold beginning.

Lying in the warm grasses of the headland,
Where breaking ocean sounds, they carry,
Whispers of old tales, out resting in the deep,
While sunshine upon our shoulders, wake so slow.

To a day, where tide and time pass then quickly,
Strolling through the water’s edge, cool charms,
Tidal sands passing briefly between our toes,
In small moments, the sun falls west across the water.

Standing here side by side, staring out into unsheltered ocean,
Falling back, sinking in the windswept dune to watch,
The tender wild west sun as it kisses the vocal waters,
As the new dusk soon spins its yarns amongst the embers.

Hot embers to stay the Doctor’s chills before the dark moon lit water,
While the sand rides its breeze across the long rambling dunes,
For soon time does begin to draw a close, as time’s end approaches,
Farewells are on the wind, as another mountain sunrise passes time.

In tale of breaking departure on a west coast, a story to travel slow and move with time.

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