The long way around (A fictional tale of travellers and wayfarers.)

creek waterThe long way around (Norfolk Island)
(The long way around – A fictional tale of travellers and wayfarers.)
It was late one year, when we made it around the cape,
We caught the roaring forties, and it was like we’d made for our escape,

Transit through the Indian, turn up sharp before it gets too late,
We’re making for the North East, then half turn to starboard soon clear,
They call this place the Top End, to Palmerston we make,
Soon dry land we have our feet, an Afghan camel train we’ve caught,

Heading South for Oodnadatta, to find the railhead on a trek that’s long and dry,
After days and days of desert dust, no rain, the tracks rails came into sight,
The station master said we’re lucky, the trains due here any time,
So we took up squat on the stations steps, and farewelled our Afghan friends,

As time it passed, a couple of hours maybe more, we yarned with the local people,
The people of the land, they asked us were we’re headed, Norfolk Island, if we can,
Before too long the stories, we exchanged them in good time, when we said we’re off,
For the train had long since now arrived, ready to roll to Adelaide, south it came to be,

As we stepped aboard, we wished our new friends all the best, the days here ahead,
Now on rolling stock, our journey a pleasant change, for the next 620 mile,
We knew we had made a gain, for Adelaide here we come, a little way down the line,
On the train we met some new friends, they told us about Great Ocean Road,

Of how it is a war memorial to the diggers of The Great War, it’s 150 mile stretch,
So we stepped off at Port Augusta, and next made by sea to Warrnambool,
For we felt the need to walk this road, and contemplate why Norfolk Island,
With supplies and packs, we set on out, to travel this road we know not of,

Like two heart lost wayfarers, we brave the Rain, the Wind, and Sun,
We come across our fellow travellers, make conversation, laugh, and smile,
As soon we find road’s end, as we find we’ve learnt a lot along the way,
To here hitch a ride to Melbourne, in a truck here from Torquay, for

Melbourne is a busy place, with the arts, culture, and its trams, but we
Need to keep pushing on, to find our feet, and head for old Sydney town,
We thought about the sea, but then when in a pub, we heard about the Snowy’s,
A mountain range to cross, so overland we made our way,

To pass up by Kosciuszko’s sides, Townsend and the rest,
The journey be a long one, but Sydney town we make, caught here east,
Between the Blue Mountains and The Sea, where eastern sunrise’s be of dreams,
Looking out, we think right now, how far we’ve come so far, but a 1000 miles,

Still rests out there, of waters deep and blue, as we board a ship again, in
This voyage we set out on, to find our lost family roots, as wayfarers on the sea,
Upon the seas where the days passed by, as we made haste upon the wind,
To arrive in the morning light, Norfolk Island close at hand, where soon,

We stepped bare feet upon the sand, the rock, and land, a place,
To where we took the long way around, to meet family that live here…
Our family from so long ago…
We took the long way around.

2 responses to “The long way around (A fictional tale of travellers and wayfarers.)

  1. This reads like narrative poetry to me. It is packed with interesting details–things a keen traveler will pick up on the journey. I’d like to travel to many countries and see the world for myself. The pic for this post is befitting.

    • That was the intention, although it is still a bit of a mess, and I have purposely given only minimal detail on the locations the travel through. and why they chose that direction. Thanks, Uzoma!

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