Lone Beacon (Part 2, Differences)

Looking closer through my spyglass, the French and Dutch ships have maybe a hand full of cannons on their top decks, the lower decks are carrying none. But why are they all sitting so low in the water? Might they be loaded with gold, silver and jewels?

Puzzled, I make my way back down as fast as I can, I opt to take a running jump out as faraway from the cliff as possible, and land in the waiting sea’s high tide below. With a little luck, they won’t spot me in this weather.

Clearing out from the headland as far as I can, I land feet first into the sea below. I start to swim out towards the nearest ship, a French Ship of the Line, seas are a little rough with the wind, making headway is slow going. Eventually I make it alongside the hull of the French ship.

I hear what seems to be a jolly atmosphere on board, drinking, laughing, music, dancing, singing, and several crewmembers yelling load the cannon in French. I tuck in close to the hull, not sure what’s about to happen.

After a few moments, I hear the boom of the cannon firing, swiftly followed by riotous laughter and jeering. Soon wind and gravity brings to my attention.

“It’s SNOW!!”

“Hey, Englishman down there,” comes the calls from above. “Come aboard, join us in celebration, an armistice has been signed, we are at peace friend!”

Climbing on board I am soon greeted with rum.

“Our French and Dutch governors of the East Indies, sent us to the south to collect as much snow as we could, so we can celebrate Christmas here in the tropics.” “See, we even have our own snow cannon!”

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