Global family, in a small world

FamilyThe late November to early February,

Feels such a lonely time in this wide world,

Then June to August feels like a haunting,

A small world buried deep inside of loss.


To my brothers in the north, Michael, Craig, and Mark,

I drink, salute to you and all your families, my

nieces and nephew too, Each in Spain and Canada,

And in the nearer South East Asia and Australia too.


To the nieces of my better half,

You Texas girls are too cool,

Sarah and your baby, Amy and your school,

Hope you have a good one, and that it’s not too cold for yous’.


To all the family here in Australia,

I hope the season travels good for you,

For John and Cassie, I have to thank you so,

On making me a granddad, in a year that’s not been slow.


To my sister in the Snowy’s, and David with you too,

Enjoy your two-wheel tour, the mountain climbs as well,

With all those long breakfasts, lunches and suppers too,

Be it a safe long holiday for the both of you.


To all extended family, I think I’m running out of words,

But I hope your season is a good one, and time it feels like new,

Once again to my four siblings, I miss you all this year,

So I hope this poem finds you well, and full of season cheer.


Miss you all, and happy days for the year ahead, best of luck always…

Apologies if I have written too much the last couple of days, or maybe trying too hard impress, over plugging authors of verse (that I like what they write), I don’t mean to be too confronting. I’ve just been trying to keep busy in a world I’m a little unsure of most times.

20 responses to “Global family, in a small world

  1. Hi Sean,
    I really like this post because it tells something more personal about you and your family. The way you sent your message to them in poetry form I find very sweet.
    You’ve mentioned in some of your posts about your better half. I hope you don’t mind my asking this: Do you have children?
    I have had very few blogging buddies because I don’t have much time to cultivate friendships with many. Most of them are male: straight, gay, married, single, with and without children. So, which one are you? Don’t worry. I am not judgmental as to status and gender. I hope we become good blogging buddies. You have been kind to me. You can erase this message later after you’ve responded. 🙂
    By the way, I’m still online. Maybe only up to tomorrow night.
    Lovely post this one.

    • Thanks, Marj… Yes better half of 22 years (handy with words too, and a four x great granddaughter of Robbie Burns), 19 married. No for me (numerous nieces and nephews though), but if you wish to count step children, then there are two, and two step grandchildren.

      I like a good story (poetry included), writing, and reading what other writers write, writing buddies would be good… Companions of the pen.. lol.

      😀 how kind of you to say I may erase it later, after responding… lol

      Thanks again, it seems so long ago now since writing the post, cheers, Sean

      • Wow, together for 22 years. Does she have a blog, too? If she does, I would like to be one of her readers as well – if you don’t mind. OMG, to think that I cracked silly jokes in some of my comments to you. All done in good jest, be assured. 🙂
        Yeah, I saw the grand dad mention above and it made me wonder, how young are you? Still, my guess is I am older than you. I’m right , aren’t I?:-)
        Oh, I was serious about the erasure of my comment above. Personal questions I should have asked through email. But I’ve already stopped corresponding by email with my co-bloggers not too long ago because of certain reasons.
        I’d feel so honored to become one of your blogging buddies, Sean. You are probably the nicest and one of the kindest I have met so far. Not to mention it feels good to hang around reading your writings.
        See you again very soon, grand dad. 😉 Have a great week ahead.

      • No, G does not blog, too busy with other activities. Don’t worry about the silly jokes 🙂

        Without giving anything away, I’m still a ways off 47 (as in I’m not even close).

        Thanks, yes, just in it for the reading, writing, etc…
        Haha.. You have a good week too..

      • Which means you are in your early 40s. So am I. High five, my new-found bud! 🙂
        I bet you look much younger because your world hasn’t been turned upside down all the time by kids. I hope you get to post your most recent photos once in a while.
        See ya again here very soon. Keep on trucking, Sean. Thanks for being nice and talented. 🙂

  2. I meant recent photos of you alone; or you with your loved ones. I don’t know but I like it when the blogger shares something personal to his or her readers; about his or her life and what he or she looks like. I’m aware many bloggers get uncomfortable with this. I don’t have much problem with sharing my photos or revealing events of my life and snapshots of my mind – because of my anonymity and the fact that I live halfway around the world. 🙂
    I open your blog every time I go to WP. Yep, that’s me you see on your stats coming from this island. Do you know I follow only very very few bloggers? I can count them with my fingers using only one hand. They are that good to be included in my list. he he.. 🙂
    I prefer highly smart writers, like you, who write a little different from the rest. Recently I’m on the lookout for the ones who write figuratively. Who can go metaphorical both in their prose and poetry. I won’t deny I’m more into prose, though.
    Right. I’m flying high because it’s the weekend. Yipee! Thanks, Sean.

    • There’s a few of those floating around, like the one at the bottom of the latest post from last year, another in a green tee shirt on a mountain looking out over plain towards a bare rock call Ironpot.

      I don’t check the stats that much, just here for the writing, reading, comments, and discussions. I’m probably following about a 130 blogs at the moment, but regularly interact with about 30.

      Smart writers, I just write how I see worlds, people, stories, and all the poetry of them in between 🙂

      Metaphor, allegory, fable, mythology, they’re scattered through out various posts here, must be taking you some time to find them as they are in broader categories, and my tagging is a little off.

      Just remember when you’re flying high and you turn upside down, that up is down, and down is up, can’t have you crashing into the ground 😉

      • LOL. That last paragraph cracked me up. 🙂

        Sean, can you please assist me here? I can’t seem to find the few photos you said have been floating around. Of course I know of the one where you were wearing a red t-shirt – which you claimed had been taken in mid 90s. As for the others, can you please provide me with the link? Thanks, dear buddy.

        By the way, what does a surveyor do? You’re kind of a photographer as well, right? Amazing, beautiful images of nature you’ve got here on your blog.

      • There is one in the first post of the blog, but my back is turned, another on the post from May 17 (yesterday). I’d have to go look for others, maybe later.

        A surveyor, probably easier if you Google, or try Wikipedia, it is a rather broad field of Spatial Sciences, too much to explain in writing for me.

        Photography, yes, I’ve picked up a few things along the way in passing, also helps the country being a big place too, so many choices. Thanks.

  3. I already saw the Nov. 3 photo. Very far shot. Oh, yesterday’s post. Internet Explorer couldn’t show all the images. I transferred to Google Chrome a while ago and I just saw. You’re the one wearing black shirt, I suppose. Looking fine. Good body built, it seems. hi hi..
    Thanks for being accommodating, Sean.
    You follow 130 blogs! OMG, I wonder how you are able to read them all, considering you have a job. 🙂

    • Yes, it’s blue, but black is close enough. Fine some days, fair on others…

      Following doesn’t mean you have to read them all, but it allows one to track for posts of interest from a particular blogger/writer/etc.

      • I see. You must have a lot of blogging buddies. Me, I’ve got one or two. Maybe only one now. Oh two, because of you. Would you mind if you become my blogging muse?

      • A large number of the blogs are composite blogs, made up of multiple writers, etc. There’s maybe a dozen+ to 30, ones the evoke a sense of story, and connection.

        Maybe if does not involve too much heavy lifting…

  4. Heavy lifting…hmm…I may not be that deep to comprehend some flavors of metaphor.
    I used to have a blogging muse. Also my blogging pal. He’s a usual commenter in my blog. He’s very popular. A blogger God who’s been Freshly Pressed many times. He initiated an email friendship with me. He had been nice for several months but something happened. I didn’t like the fact he went cold and then consequently found him in my female commenter’s blog. I thought that was some form of betrayal. They say that’s the usual practice for the sake of fame in this blogworld, but I’m not buying. I put in the same amount of loyalty and devotion in here as I do in my tangible realm. Now you know my story. That is also the reason why I recently stopped all my email correspondences. That’s also the reason I don’t befriend female bloggers much. A little drama went behind the scenes. Yeah, you may be right about the heavy lifting thing.
    But I hope we remain blogging buddies, though. 🙂

    • It’s a way of saying hope there’s not too much work involved 🙂 Being freshly pressed, okay if one’s chasing it, for me it’s neither here nor there. The place is vast, new blogs finding a following everyday, as readers bounce from blog to blog, not sure if true loyalty exist in such an environment of variable reading and writing potentials to interact with across different periods. Communication is best out in the open unless working on a project or something. Buddies is fine 🙂

      • I guess you’re right. That may be what he was thinking, too. It’s just that I doubt I’d ever get used to that kind of blogging practice for alliance. Or maybe I’m just weird. 🙂
        What I meant about blogging muse was whenever I write I think I am talking to someone who is about to read my post. Do you get that feeling whenever you write? If you have observed my writings, it’s like I’m talking to someone. Some pals thought I’ve been talking to them when the truth is I’m only thinking of this specific person or muse when I write. That’s how it is when I write. That’s all. It used to be Bronxboy55. But things fell apart…
        Sean, I like your new theme. There’s more space. It’s great! Although I wish the background was a bit lighter. But other than that. I like this one a lot lot better.

      • Some people may be addicted to interaction, so they seek out as many sources as they can to avoid the periods of voids in waiting on new posts, or replies to comments. Sort of like being on the move constantly like a traveler, eventually they come back to the places they like, it just won’t be instantaneously… No, not weird on your count either when you find a regular commenter, it’s like and having a pen pal back in the days of letter writing… Hang on, I know some writer friends that still love receiving and replying letters the traditional way, it’s all about the tangible contact, and anticipation of the interaction, rather than instant gratification. 🙂

        A muse, like above, similar to exchanging letters with a pal the traditional way. No that’s okay, go for it. There are so many different ways to blog / journal / letter write / and just write, we all have a different style about how we deal with the process, which is half the fun I think.

        Thanks, I’ll edit the style sheet when I get a chance, but for the time being I’ve lightened the sides/background so it’s not all black 🙂

      • I wonder why your last comment to me didn’t reflect in my notifications. I thought I got you upset somehow. I became a bit uncomfortable I typed the title above in your Search box to get back here and apologize if I had displeased you in any way. So glad to have found your most recent reply. 🙂
        Your old theme is still standing on my Internet Explorer which I haven’t erased yet because I’m still going over and enjoying some of your previous entries. I’m using Google Chrome here as it’s more convenient when commenting. Yeah, I think I prefer a lighter background :-). But the wider space of your new theme is much better. Anyway, it’s the contents of your blog that truly matters.
        Being simple plain buddies is perfectly fine with me, Sean. I’ll be happy just to have you around. Have a good week. Take care at work.

      • I think I just missed seeing the comment 🙂
        I like the darker colours when making use of photos..
        Have a good week, Marj…

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