Late Evening Shade by the Pineapple Sage (100 Poems)

Pineapple SageJust a little writing from the herb garden, with its different scents, so the story goes, once in a place long ago, the shade it faded with the morning, and all that’s left lives below.

Late Evening Shade by the Pineapple Sage

(The fiction of a creative imagination, it would never happen, but in a dream…)

Blue moonbeams break the torn lantana ridge,

Here below the Blue Moon sheds its light across the dark sky,

Over an ancient valley floor, somewhere in the blue night’s dreams,

Where the Pineapple Sage reaches tall above the wild mint cover,


Spring is arriving, as footsteps gently pass through the wild mint field,

Till soon they reach such fever pitch, in such a rush to the Old Mill Glen,

To catch the blue moonbeams greet the first bloom bend of Pineapple Sage,

For the distant glow of a new Spring Sun soft rays follows close behind like brother, sister,


Footsteps slow, the wild mint of Old Mill Glen, intoxicating, drifting on a fresh breeze,

Laying down by the late evening shade of the Pineapple Sage, souls and mint together,

As dawn calls out her name, brother/sister, Blue Moon and Sun, the Pineapple Sage first blossom,

Blooming in the neither day nor night, her thousands of gold & orange blossoms soon stretch the glen,


Spring, the new dawn, the new day, after the late evening shade by the Pineapple Sage.

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