Incoherent speak of dusted dreams (maybe, 100 poems)

Dreamy parklandJust found this, it is an expansion on the first part of third paragraph (which was originally written as new year’s greeting for family and friends) and morphed into the below during a time of confusion. I am now confused by it and not sure if I should rework it, leave it, or just file away as incoherent speak.

(Incoherent speak of) Dusted Dreams

Without a thought, as moonlight sunrise cuts across the river deep, the black bellows beast sways unto our valley’s beat, dusted dreams rise up of a better place, of places when the sand and sea do meet, embrace us with the summer rain for that lovers seek, a place where we can feel the heat and dance across the light of waves so deep. Dusted dreams the valley calls, but still we weep of times long past the chances that have gone for keeps, for dusted dreams where blood has run, the sweat the tears and baking sun, to where  the moonlight sunrise creeps, take us to the love we seek, as dusted dreams shall never speak

Just as the air stirs with sunrise, stir your choices, then pluck one from the air above. Now spread those wet wings just a little, to dry a moment in the sun (for they’ve always been with you), then go, soar to your hearts content, and to the freedom on the winds of change born on dusted dreams.

May the winter/summer sun greet you in the new morning, and wash fresh the memories of days past, and bring forth the cheerful joys of things to come, leaving you in an all breath taking awe, of the moments we make in our lives from our pasts, presents, and futures. Taking us on an almighty uphill slide to the top of the mountains, and to the vistas of life that surround us grabbing at thin air, as what was once there is now completely gone, and empathy is all shot to pieces…the ground breaks away, as the Earth opens up, and you walk away with hardly a scratch while others are hit hard in life…where’s it all go..

To take grasp that glint of light that bends our dreams, to flex beyond imagination, that dost thou ride upon, unto the spatial remnants of our travels. There to find new worlds stretched far to sea, and lead us back again… Just the faint whisper of night, drapes a thin veil upon our moments in life with our friends. The memories of good times, and sad, some of the worst, and the best. Leave hither, breathe in the laughter, and exhale all the joy, for to share in with those mates who stand by you… forever lasting at dusk, and a new day’s sunrise. Sleep in restful peace kindhearted friend unto one another with love. Peace, not too hard, roll live, climb the adventure, go take the world by storm. thunder and crash, lets hear the noise…all a celebration…

Atop the forest roof what lies below grants value in our friends, the air we breathe, the life around us, show praise unto those whom brought us so far in the living days to follow. Inhale each moment to find the ecstasy, and laughter that fill our memories from those momentary exchanges in a life of convergent iterations that bind us. So set love free and savour each moment as they pass by in a flutter of light with wind through the treetops, where dusted dreams sleep…

2 responses to “Incoherent speak of dusted dreams (maybe, 100 poems)

  1. I’ve not tried this system–incoherent stream. But then, there are parts of the really made some good sense to me.

    About a rework…it depends. If you would like to make it direct without explaining, it means that some of the lines/paragraphs will be lost. On the other hand, an addition of a few more paragraphs to the incoherent thought may not just serve the purpose. I fear you may bore you readers if you do it. Hope this helps…

    • Hello Uzo, I think I am going to leave it as it stands. I have since rediscovered where it sprung from (written around 2009/2010), it is a poem/prose about four friends and family. Dealing with loss of life, distance, friendship/mateship, love, and life moving forward.

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