As the sun rises (Free Write Friday FWF)

The piece of Free Write Friday today, comes to you from the bank of words below, in a streaming of allegory, metaphor, and analogy. Forms of writing I am never sure how to visit, given that I do not overly like, and that for me will often represent multiple stories, including just the story. So they will often look like a stream of confusion and nonsense. But I wrote this way today because there was the free running story inside, but it became held captive by external influences and feelings this morning.

Anyway, enjoy the read.

If you want to know what FWF is all about, just follow the link below to the latest edition on Kellie Elmore’s Blog.

bewitched – agony – awe – dismay – jaded – enamored – sacred – nirvana – fury

Free Write Friday, Kellie Elmore


As the sun rises

As the sun rises on a lost day where nirvana rests in the distance, like an oasis in this desert of despairing dismay, the scene from these sky rolling dunes at their height, it’s no dream. Soon the sun is scorching in the vertical, as the sands begin to turn to molten glass, an agony sets in, sapping all strength from first the feet, then the legs, the gut, until it stops at the door to the heart. Just as the fury of a desert storm breaks hard across the glass sands, jaded is the path now becoming lost, between the oasis of nirvana and the sky rolling dunes. The storm that now cuts loose across our path, balls of lightning erupt outwards, from deep within its core, a sense of awe is momentary, the overwhelming sensations soon transforming to a feeling of bewitched. As the storm climbs higher and higher, clambering upon its self, as it casts all before it far into the air, ripping apart all innocence for the grandeur of its on mobile edifice. Until the agony of the molten sands takes hold once again, it reminds us that the sacred dwell by the oasis of nirvana, their youthful lives fed by deep waters, where freedom still is able to be explored. It is not a sense of feeling enamoured, but that of desperation to save within, those of the oasis of nirvana. To sprint deep inside the storm, its cutting sands and turmoil, doing what ever is possible, making right any wrongs, and not tarry about cost, as the sun rises.

16 responses to “As the sun rises (Free Write Friday FWF)

  1. Sean, I was so pleased to have you write for me! Thank you!
    “Just as the fury of a desert storm breaks hard across the glass sands, jaded is the path now becoming lost, between the oasis of nirvana and the sky rolling dunes. ”
    That was a punch of imagery that I fell in love with. Nice, free flowing prose. I felt entranced in your stream of thought…I wanted more! Thanks again for contributing. Hope to have you back again!

  2. A sublime way of depicting nature’s fury, Sean. Writing does come easily for you–there is a lot to prove it. Injecting human emotions into the oasis of nirvana comes across a characteristic strength of the piece. In other words, I feel the connection and strongly too.

    • Thanks, Uzoma, it is good you are able to find a connection, and the flavours of humanity with in the words. I try to leave as much of the picture to the readers own imagery.

  3. A strong piece, certainly; full of bewitching imagery that left me enamoured… 🙂 very impressed; enjoyed 🙂

    • Thank you, Iain. I was unsure where the piece was going, but now know what it might be a part of, something I have not started yet, though it is now a start. 🙂

    • Hello friend, Thank you! I’m new to the whole awards aspect on here, having only just returned to the blogsphere in the last month or so, after several years hiatus. I will have to have a read.

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