Mythology in development (Forest Shadows, casters of light and Koice & Ihanara)

This post is the streaming output of an attempting at developing in fluid form, a mythology for “Splintered Lands”. So correct punctuation has been negated again. Happy stream reading.

Cut through, a narrow long hall in a dark forest, where the sun has not risen in days, two figures cast inverted light of themselves, for they are but only shadows looming close under the ancient Huon, scared from bent and evil practices of Haulogs, time passes quickly now, these shadows, casters’ of light, are on the move once more, many believe the reason they vanished for a time, is that they followed the fleeting rivers as they drove deep beneath the crust, when chaos of the rifts struck, the time of the great upheaval, where grand land masses became broken up, and other new ones formed, further to their legend, there came a time after the calamity, in which the shadows eradicated the remainder of the Haulogs, and then sought to heal the new tribes of their catastrophic injuries, through their knowledge natural plant and flesh symbiotics, something that few tribes embraced, and that the unnaturals’ of The Dark Sea, sought to crush, but this is how Koice and Ihanara be possibly the only people to of seen the shadows of the Huon forests in more than a thousand years, I think the shadows are getting restless, as we are, with the increased activity, and expansion of the phantoms Dark Sea..

Write away...

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