Wanting to get home (100 Poems)

Just a nightmare of sensations set down in words, a pondering from within.

Wanting to get home
Running through the snow.
The time is late,
But I need to get back home.
Flung tarried came a coat rack,
Heavy brass, so hard and long.
Slam, it hit me in my chest,
Sent me flying into the road.
My arm it shattered on a bus,
It kicked me higher still.
My legs they smashed upon a lorry,
It sent me in a spin.
My dreams till then,
Were about getting home,
I’m not sure just what went wrong.
Not until that final car,
Sent me skidding up the road.

As I lie here on the bitumen,
Or it is tarmac, asphalt, I don’t know.
I can hear so many voices,
Saying what should we do.
I said I see a blue sky,
Someone give me a phone.
First I called an ambulance,
Then I called for home.
Sorry, I don’t think I’ll be home tonight,
There we’ll let it stand.
I’ll call you in the morning then,
I should by then know just where I am,
Probably some place sterile, clean, and bland.
But for now just let me hear the blue sky,
And perhaps dream of some far off land,
For at the moment, right now,
I know not how I am…

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